Xbox One X Support

Greetings Commanders,

We are happy to announce that we will be supporting Elite Dangerous on the Xbox One X.

On the Xbox One X Elite Dangerous can output in true 4k; any other settings will depend on your console settings and the sort of monitor or TV you are using.

We’ve also added two new options: Performance and Quality options, and 1080p and 4k options. This second option will allow you to change the resolution the game renders to, which is an in-game setting that is completely independent from the settings within the Xbox One X itself. If the console’s settings are different, the output will be upscaled or downscaled.

To achieve the highest frame rate, you could choose Performance and 1080p. Alternatively you can choose higher quality graphics by using the Quality setting, at the cost of some performance. In short, you can pick what best suits you!

This update will go live on Monday November 6 at 11AM GMT (TODAY). This will only affect Xbox One players and will cause minimal downtime.


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The only game worthy. Will us peasants who don't own an X have to download the 4K update?
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