[XBOX][Recruitment] Cartographers of the Abyss

About Us:

We are Explorers. Who like to explore and conduct business in the farthest parts of our galaxy. We are pilots of All skill levels from all around the world! I'm Commander PAPAHOFF420 and I'm an explorer by heart.

Space Legs:

With our Space Legs coming in 2021 I'm hoping we'll be able to colonize an area and explore on foot in our own bubble as well as expeditions on foot which will open up a whole new world of exploration.


Expeditions will involve as many members of the squadron as possible, we will set a deadline and leave on a certain day/time and reach our target destination.


• All pilots must be registered on the Inara squadron page, join the discord, and join the Facebook group.
• All pilots must be a member of the in-game squadron.
• Any reports of abuse or harassment towards anyone will be removed from the squadron.
• Have fun and make some friends!

See you in the Black Commanders! o7

Click here for an invitation to the Discord server!
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