Patch Notes Update Xbox Update 2.3.01

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Greetings Commanders, we are in the process of rolling out the Xbox One 2.3.01 update today. Below are the changes on this version.

Stability Fixes
  • Fixed a softlock issue.
  • Fix to prevent a crash under some network conditions, that could occur when arriving in a session just as another player jumps away
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the helm initiated a supercruise jump while a Multi-Crew player was in a fighter
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling a docking request when you have a docking computer installed
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox One where players can get stuck in the menu flow.

General Fixes & Tweaks
  • Fixed an issue which created low resolution stars when exiting hyperspace
  • Fixed an issue whereby gas giants would be incorrectly assigned a star texture in the system map when zooming out
  • Addressed a large framerate drop that could occur when a friend logs in
  • Various text fixes
  • Various localisation updates
  • Fix some Engineer bookmarks not being set when issuing invitations
  • Missing GalNet articles have been fixed
  • Addressed an issue causing Commanders to resurrect in Eranin instead of on a Planet Base near Colonia
  • Fixed an issue whereby chained missions were not appearing often enough.

  • Fixed some audio issues related to settlements
  • Addressed some audio popping that could occur when near Moisture Farms
  • Fixed missing audio dialogue in training missions
  • Various ship related audio fixes

  • Fixed welcome mission not appearing for the Horizon Sidewinder starting package.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a certain welcome mission was not generating correctly.
  • Fixed a number of adjudication server disconnects

  • Fix for non-helm players ending up in the pilot chair when dropping out of supercruise
  • Addressed an issue that led to incorrect bounty share messages being displayed during a Multicrew session
  • Increased crew payments: voucher scaling now tops out at 80% of helm earnings (previously 50%)
  • Increased insurance rebuy discount for Helm to 30% reduction per crew member (previously 25%)

  • Various network optimisations

Ships and SRVs
  • Fixed an issue whereby decals on an SRV appeared within a black box
  • Small tweak to the tail camera on the Fer-De-Lance so an installed shipkit piece is more visible
  • Fixed a transaction server disconnection when transferring cargo

Weapons and Modules
  • Fixed an issue with infinite Packhound missile ammunition and heat generation which meant they could be fired infinitely by a Multi-Crew Gunner
  • Fixed issue whereby certain modules (such as the Advanced Discovery Scanner) could not be reactivated after being repaired by the Auto Field-Maintenance Unit

  • Fixed expansions not being correctly processed during weekly server maintenance
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Is the time fixed? i notice in messages (top LHS) the time is correct, but elsewhere it shows GMT not BST.

When will the game be back, I'm already missing it lol
Argh bad timing for update:

Dear FDev
On the last Friday of each month my company let us finish at 2pm which means I can get home around half 2 and have an hour n half of uninterrupted but today my whole world has came crumbling down.
Please please please please please in the future release either a little earlier, or not on the last Friday of the month, because ya know, like all us forums members, the ED universe reveals around ME
Thanks You ;)

I've been uncovered! *runs away*
You know next time.. you wouldn't have broken any rules to just tell us "yeah, this patch is baked and in cert, just waiting to hear back"

It's really okay.. we can understand these things. No need to go dark and let us have the madness set in.
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