PvP ΞϽCΞ - Elite Community Combat Events (GRAND OPENING 8 AUG - 18 UTC)


ΞϽCΞ is a new PVP event focused discord server, run by experienced PvPers. The goal is to promote PVP initiatives, introduce new players to PVP through events, and foster communication for established PVP'rs and PVP groups to find active and engaging PVP content.

We will publish a regular calendar of recurring, high quality, curated events and monthly, one-off, spotlight events. The calendar will be updated and filled with multiple events per week for different skill levels and time zones.

The founders of ΞϽCΞ are experienced organizers that have run successful events during the past years including 51th Massilia Eagle Event, Gladiatorial Games, Scenic Fight Nights, Screaming Eagle’s Sparring, WoW Wednesday Trainings and the Italian Job Open Event.

The ΞϽCΞ Discord will be run with the intention of promoting sustainable and competitive PVP. Exploiting, cheating and extreme toxicity will not be tolerated. We encourage all groups to participate, but we ask to leave in-game feuds out of the server. While some events may embrace roleplay, the server is designed to be an open platform for conversation concerning events and PVP only. Members are asked to keep conversation civil and respectful, it's about showing your skills on "the pitch" and nothing else.

JOIN ΞϽCΞ NOW: https://discord.gg/BefnmE3

Additionally, we are reaching out to fellow community leaders as well as interested individuals for any of the following:
  • Advice (in general and to commanders new to PVP)
  • Support
  • Potential events in the future that your group would be interested in hosting
As part of the server, we will offer a registry for established PVP groups to advertise themselves to new PVP’rs that join events. If you are interested in listing your group, please respond with your group name, playstyle (Powerplay, Roleplay, Etc), contact person, and 50-word description.

For the time being, the project is PC only. If you want to organize anything on other platforms, let us know.

Finally, after reading all that, here is a little video, promoting Screaming Eagle's Sparring, presented by ΞϽCΞ. So that you know, what this is all about, in case my gibble gabble isn't understandable...

Source: https://youtu.be/YM5eEB6F1QY
Seems a great idea, I've been trying to get the hang of PvP and start playing in open and it's lots of fun. However, I get lots of rebuys when people do take me 1v1 and I run away when they go 4v1...

Some practice in a friendly way would be a great thing
Seems a great idea, I've been trying to get the hang of PvP and start playing in open and it's lots of fun. However, I get lots of rebuys when people do take me 1v1 and I run away when they go 4v1...

Some practice in a friendly way would be a great thing
Well I'm more of a forum warrior than actual one ( and not very good at that ) , but willing to offer a honest duel Vs me noobness. Same name in game, friend me if u fancy :)
Sounds fun! I've been practising with the gankers at Shinrarta, score reads NCFCpaul 0 - 4 Gankers...

Not only that but for two of them I didn't even drop their shields!
Out of curiosity is there any system that's good to go to as a noob PvP person? Like a place people go for friendly practice rather than simply the ganking thing?

Only while I probably am picking stuff up I think I'd get better fighting with people closer my own ability
Even if you aren't a PVP veteran, you should come out to these events. The Wyrd Wars Open Play Event (Spotlight Event) on August 24 will be a blast.

The event will divide the galaxy into two teams. Choose to side with the renegade queen, Sister Kate, or the boy hero, Harry Potter.

The first spotlight event will take place on August 24 when Sister Kate and Harry Potter will form blockades of the Wyrd system. Each faction will attempt to run commodities to complete their respective goals while avoiding the other side's enforcers. Hotshot pilots will attempt to run the blockade in Type-6 and Type-7 Transporters.

Pick a side today and help decide the fate of Wyrd! Will Wyrd burn in destructive tyranny or thrive through utopian humanitarian aid?
Great Idea! Thank you to the organizers. If I want to participate (and I do!), do I have to show up in a Type-6 or Type-7? Can I engineer the ship? Can I bring my Vulture with phasing sequence APA's?
All the details for times/locations are on the discord server. It's much easier to get a hold of people there if you have any questions for a specific event.
Initiative like that one always worth to support. Much more interesting then booooring Interstellar kind.
How bout Frontier will support this one and make some magic that we will not struggle with damn instances?
I think some people in my squadron are interested in this.
Sadly I'm not planning to return to the bubble in coming months.

I'll join the discord though once it develops a bit more.
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