Community Event / Creation YE OLDE ELITE: DANGEROVS

I have been spending the last few days away from my cockpit and browsing the old archives in Ravescene Memorial in the Futhark system.

During my browsing, I uncovered a mysterious time portal hidden away, leading to a most wonderful collection of documents dating back to the mid 11th Century: tapestries depicting life on Earth at the time. Interestingly, many of the customs, cultural references and activities depicted resemble very similar practices in today's 34th Century life.

Agree? Judge ye for thine own self:

My dossier so far:

The portal to further documents was found here. You too can discover more there...!/

For mine own part, mine temptation to remain there be strong....
I've seen a great docking computer one on Facebook (horseman overtaking others with a jeer, going into a city) - has anyone got it?
Those scrolls are a magnificent sight to behold. "For ye mugge", "Thou shalt attain in gudeness" and "Unfurl friendship sails" had me literally burst out laughing!

Also for some reason I find Middle English easier to understand than my own country's equivalent (Florentine) and probably also more amusing, I can't really read anything written like this and mantain a straight face. There's never enough rep for things like this!
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