You ever gotten sick on a ride?

I got sick on the condor at the great escape it was kind of fun at first but the ride seemingly goes on forever and I started getting really dizzy after awhile had to shut my eyes till it was over. I have to say I didn't care for riding one of those things
Any ride that spins continuously will make me sick... I can cope for about a minute, but most of those rides go on and on and on and never end :sick:
The nearest I got was the morning after the night before when we enjoyed the facilities at the Alton Towers Resort hotels a bit too much ;)
I don't normally get hung over and I thought that AIR would be the perfect way to clear our heads. All the floaty parts and the Gs on the final helix did wonders for my guts. And then being stuck on the breakrun hanging like a rotisserie chicken for nearly 10 minutes was just the best thing ever. I very, very nearly spewed.


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There is a ride at Adventure Island (Southend-on-sea, England) called The Time Machine. It is a custom in house built flat ride. I wasn't sick, but I felt like I needed to be. I had to go home and lay down for a couple of hours because the room wouldn't stop spinning.
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