You V The Weekend: Comic Relief – Elite style!

Welcome CMDR’s,

Congratulations for surviving another week of forum madness which featured such momentous events as my getting fooled by an excellent post by SaliVader <- She’s on the list now. Ziggy returned from somewhere – Best not to ask I figure, it’s Ziggy after all!?! Ed told us to stop panicking about name plates; they’re only a couple of quid. And of course there was lots of chatter about 2.3, MultiCrew and Holo-Me as the Beta continues, all of that in just the Dangerous Area!

Last week I asked you all about how you were preparing for the release of 2.3 and that was a good read. Great to hear what you are all planning to do in the near future but this week I want to talk about something far more serious…

Here in the UK it is Comic Relief day – A day where we fund raise to help others. A great Day!

Lots of silly things going on today with a huge TV charity event tonight and given that our community has proven very giving in the past I figured we could try and do something just to raise a smile.

What I’d like is for you folks to post your funniest Elite related joke, screenshot, video or comment – Go nuts!

How does this help? Well, for every joke or post that makes me laugh I’ll make a donation to Comic Relief of £1 – But Bran that’s not a lot is it? Well post lots of stuff then to make it more. In order to make the donation and have a life I can only accept entries made before 5:30pm. I will post proof of the donation later tonight.

With all of this going on I won’t bother with the normal career questions but hand right over to you folks!

Remember to keep it clean and to have lots of fun – This is for charity after all!

Note to the mods. I know this is not exactly on topic for this area but as I'm trying to fund raise could you just look the other way until 5:30 and then throw me into the off topic section? Thanks![heart]
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I think i heard FD is going to rent some MoCap time from StarCitizen's studio to improve the hand on the the throttle issues :)
Zachary Hudson: "Oh and thank you for fortifying Groombridge! Have your Pacifier Cannon and salary for your generous help!"
Federal Minister: "But President?! Groombridge?!"
Zachary Hudson: "Yes we need to fortify Groombridge every cycle! The more the better. And if the Thargoids will attack Sol. There is nothing more important than fortifying our beloved Groombridge!"

at the same time at the Princess HQ:

Princess Aisling: "Hello dear pilot thank you very much for preparing Yaque again this cycle. Have your Prisma Shields and your salary and a blue wig for remembering our most valued contract!"
Imperial Senator: "But Princes, he prepared Yaque, the worst hole ... eh sorry , most useless dustbin in our reach..."
Princess Aisling: "You dare questioning the glory of Yaque?! I want Yaque in my domain and this noble pilot is doing the right thing. How can thousands of merits each cylce not tell the truth? And if the Thargoids steal my wig, I want Yaque in my domain first!"
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Im actually doin a wee funny thing over the weekend...well funny to us. A 3 mile mountain biking loop in drag. Most the others will do the full 12 miles, but I got MS and Ill be lucky to get 1 mile let alone 3. To think I used to do this 50 to 60 a day, 7 days a week is a downer, but when its fer the kids, then thats different. As adults, we put our own petty squabbles to one side, and do what needs to be done...and hopefully see the funny side when I suffer the consequences of it. Pain makes me salty so Ill stay away from here ^
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