You V The Weekend: Comic Relief – Elite style!

When you check your account and realise you're down to a fiver, but the forum delivers humour hard and fast:
I have a mental image of Bran staring intently at a picture of Tj so as to not feel like laughing at anything ;)

[As a defence against offended moderators, he doesn't feel like laughing because he is feeling too much love [heart][heart][heart]]
It's more a case of telling the wife tomorrow she can't go shopping!
I believe it is called his local A&E department.
Did you not see what he's proposing to do!? I doubt A&E will enough! ;)

BTW, Bran, if I manage to make you laugh more than once, that only needs to count as £1 - I'm just happy to have a little bit of human contact :eek:
Every once in a while, I get my brother-in-law good and drunk. I show him this video and challenge him to do better. First, I laugh at the video, and then I laugh at him doing the same things for the next hour.


It is the same every time b/c he thinks his girlfriend would be quite unhappy if he gets Elite as he knows he'd lose his free time to it. (and my binding setup is pretty strange)
To maybe get the ball rolling a little faster:


This is a screenshot, BTW, so don't wear your mouse buttons out clicking play.

Let's see if we can force Bran to pay more than this ... bwahaha! ;)
I said that to my wife once, and she gave me a really weird look, and asked me if I was that stranger who lived in the PC room and pretended to fly spaceships for a living. Needless to say I escorted her to the airlock.
I try to avoid real people as much as possible - they look at me funny, say the oddest things, and very few of them have off-buttons! :x
QUICK UPDATE: Ed has given the thread a shout on his lunch time stream. Thanks Ed, really appreciate the support! I also got the chance to let the wife know what I'm doing and she was OK with it as long as she gets the house in the divorce settlement... :eek:
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