You V The Weekend: Valentines day special edition!

Welcome CMDR's!

It's been a while since I did one of these so bear with me as I may be a bit rusty. In this special edition we'll not be exploring the deeper depths of a persons love for their ship nor will we be discussing the strange mating habits of space monsters - No, instead we'll be revealing our deep dark secret love within the Elite galaxy!

Yes folks, it's time to come clean and reveal all...

Challenge: Send a valentines message in the form of a forum post to the person/object/spacial body of your hearts desire.
It could be anyone or thing that is related to the Elite universe but don't hold back. Tell us everything you feel for them, use pictures (No nudes - Nobody wants to see your SRV naked Alec.)

Also as it's nearly the weekend you may as well tell us your plans for galactic domination too...

Miners - Where will you be searching for that engagement diamond?
Explorers - Have you found any Aliens that took your fancy?
Traders - Long distance relationships are hard, is it time to go to Hutton Orbital and see your partner?
PvEer's - Making war or love, what will you be doing?
PvPer's - I dare you to not attack each other but instead try going on a date - You might just find you get along and never fight again!
Everyone else - What do you do in the game, why and where?

I know those of you who remember these threads may of forgotten what to do (memories are a fickle friend) and the newcomers may be wondering 'Who the heck is this old fart, asking us questions, expecting us to talk to a stranger' so I'll go first and show you all what I expect from each and every one of you... No way I'm pouring out my heart if you lot are just going to laugh and boost away like I was a PvPer in a Sidewinder trying to steal your cargo.

Here goes any street cred I had round here...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You look so lonely
I'll be your moon?

Tj, will you be my Valentine? :eek:
Now before you go all weak at the knees, know that I am only doing this to stop anyone else being approached/stalked by you. It's nothing personal, no really, I mean it. I don't follow your every post on twitter - and I'd never print them out and cover my bedroom walls in your posts, that would just be wrong. Just know that deep down, a star burns in my hear... Oh god I'm going to vomit! :x

As for my weekend?
Now that I am finally back in the bubble I should start looking at what I need to do to see all the Thargoid and Guardian sites. After being out in the black for over a year a lot has been found in/near the bubble that I've never seen. Fun times ahead!

Right, over to you lot just please - Keep it clean and safe for the moderators to read - I know some of them have had a rough week, who am I kidding. Give them Hell CMDR's!

Fly safe until next time CMDR's!
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Volunteer Moderator
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Bongo you silly
Do you love me too?

(right, Thanks Bran, you awoke something in me I didn't know I had it at all.. )
Roses are red
FSS blobs are blue
I'm going exploring
To get away from you.

actually I'm doing up another Cobra mk4, but that doesn't rhyme good.

Roses are red
Engineering is dull
I need some more composites
To strengthen my hull!
Roses are red
Hyperspace tunnels are blue
I've come all the way to Colonia
But what I truly searched for, my true desire
Is not here, it was where I left all along
I really need a Dropship in my life
Blood is red,
Alien blood is blue
I kill lots of people
Pew Pew Pew

Mining is red
Exploration is blue
What about Powerplay FD?
Powerplay needs love too.
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