Your Character Is Not A Grizzled, Hard-Up Miner: They Are Filthy Rich (SHOCKING)

Our great miners are helping Make the Galaxy Great Again. Don't disrespect them. The galactic mining sector has been suppressed by Weak Mahon and Hideous Hudson for too long!
I have not played the game in over 60 days, just cant really get back into it since there is really nothing to do. Jump here, shoot this, shoot that, blah blah the game is boring as my last wife. Cant hire a crew and have them fly one of your ships, cant send them on a cargo haul all the same old crap and never nothing great.
People like to root for the underdog. Also, it's our limitations that make for good storytelling (or RPing). Also, given that the essential personal story of all the Elite games (and Privateer, and the X series, etc.) has been that of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps it's no wonder that's how most people want to think of themselves in-character.

Now, I agree that this flies in the face of the reality of Elite Dangerous, where credits flow like water from a burst dam. :)
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I'm so rich, I don't need to care about my looks anymore.
Hahahah - my character was poor and grizzled, until the great Seeking Luxuries Unicorn Run™ of 3301, which upgraded him from Asp to Python in hours, which then became the stepping stone to billions earned in legitimate trade and nefarious trade, bounty hunting and exploration.

Now how heads a life of leisure. Doing what he wants, when he wants, however he wants. And all the while, not bothering with a razor.

He even blings out some of his ships with gold paint, same for SRV's, and even flight suit.

Well, what's any of that worth if we as CMDRs

  • remain trapped in our Ships like mobile prison cells, tied to a chair and stuck inside a Remlok suit, with only an SRV or the oddball Telepresence allowing to escape that misery
  • remain worker bees, despite being Billionaires and being factual employers (Crew)
  • have almost nothing we could do or affect that exceeds a cosmetic nature
I tell ya, all that wealth, all those shiny Ships, all that "freedom"... It's a huge lie.
We're trapped worker bees that have to turn a hamster wheel. Like lab rats.

If I want an Element off a Planet Surface, why do I have to do it myself? Why can't I send my Crew to get mundane tasks done?
Why can't I send off my Crew in any of my Ships and have them perform tasks I find boring?

Instead, our Crews are laughing at us, enjoying passive income while >we< do all the hard lifting. Just like in the early days in a Sidewinder, no different.
Putting our hard-earned Equipment and our safety on the line every day.
We might fly tricked out Corvettes, Cutters, Anacondas, carry Naval Ranks with Federation or Empire, have highest Reputation with them or countless Factions.
But still, we can't even remotely order or have transported a single ton of Copper to our convenience.

No, we're not privileged. We're not free. We can't even look behind the darn doors that close off our Cockpits.
We just get to choose where we take our mobile prison cells with us, that's it.
All while our passive-income Crew sips Lavian Brandy and throws Billionaire-style parties at the Home Station. Seriously, tell me who's the real fools in this? Me thinks it's us :p
You are merely a cog in the [Dark] Wheel™.

Maybe back in my days where the most expensive ship I had was my Courier, but right now I imagine that logging into the game in the pilot seat is him waking up after passing out in the cockpit after a day on Lavian brandy and eating too much braised Ceti rabbit (I'm assuming he's got a cleaning robot for the empty bottles).

As befits a commander of wealth he's also got involved in politics. At the moment this mainly involves murdering any politicians that are a problem for the local anarchy faction. Violence is never the answer, but he got it wrong on purpose.
At the beginning of the game, when credits were had come buy, yes, we were hardened gristled tough guys, but now with missions paying over 30-40x times their previous pay outs, its money for nothing and the chicks for free. Honestly, when horizons launched, "cut the power" missions were paying 75k, now you can see them for upwards of 3M, and thats not even scratching the surface of the various exploits/gold rushes like robigo, sothis, rhea, quince, long supercruise passenger missions, void opals.
I gave up asking for a more fabulous Piracy outfit than the Raider skins. I mean, Diamond thieves are literally Interstellar Jewel Thieves stealing the highest value commodities in game.

Why would we look like Hobo's when we could look like this!
An interesting thought... If I was my character in game sitting on a couple of billion in ready cash and lots more in ships and modules I would think of a planet to settle down on.

This wouldn't be a good home base, game style but one to live on. I don't know which I'd choose? Probably high tech, good population but not over crowded... I'm thinking Alliance space somewhere? Not Earth, too over crowded and if a war breaks out with the Federation andEmpire things could get dangerous there...

Anyone got ideas off a good planet to actually live on - if our characters were actually real?
OMG, people are filthy rich and this is so wrong on so many levels
Can you imagine that? An entire career path - making money - is forever lost for future generations.
I gave up asking for a more fabulous Piracy outfit than the Raider skins. I mean, Diamond thieves are literally Interstellar Jewel Thieves stealing the highest value commodities in game.

Why would we look like Hobo's when we could look like this!
That dude looks almost as camp as a CMDR in a golden flightsuit, which struck me as very liberacci :LOL:
So house prices are that bad in Milton Keynes? ;)
They only accept planetary currency. But you are not allowed to exchange credits for any other currency. Because, really, everything is owned by the Pilot's federation and Commanders are little more than indentured servants. Super rich until you quit. Only way to retirement is on Founder's World.
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