Your "For the MUG!" stories :)

I had spent a week back in the day trying to gain access to Sirius so that i could contact the engineer Marco Qwent.
When i eventually arrived at his home base i was told that i needed to provide him with Modular Terminals in order to gain access to his services.
I figured that the best way to collect these was as a mission reward and so i started to gather missions that gave this item in payment.
I searched and searched, snapping up each and every mission with this reward that i could find... So close to unlocking Marco Qwent!

However the last mission in a clutch i had recently accepted and stacked (without reading the specifics) was to Hutton Orbital.

New to the game, when I got my ship worthy the trip, I made it, but not as a mission. I bought a mug, and gin to sell elsewhere. I thought I'd be able to keep the mug somewhere, like up on the dashboard of the ship or whatever. Ended up selling the mug with the gin. The only disappointment was learning there was no place to keep my 'trophy' mug. The reward was finding my first black hole in game.
My Hutton story begins with taking a passenger to a nearby system.

They requested I change their destination to Hutton Orbital for a paltry 40,000cr.

I said no, and continued my journey.


Whenever I get the urge to visit Hutton Orbital, I just remember that I don't like supercruise and go elsewhere. Lol
Made the trip last year mostly to just to do it. Rite of passage, I guess.

I very nearly made the trip in a Cutter. That would have been funny, but I realized it browsing missions that went to Hutton and the word "platform" finally clicked in the ole noggin and I switched to my Python.
Hmm. For the Mug stories. Ok...

I entered a Frontier completion to create a rare commodity. I called it 'Sothis Crystalline Gold' It ended up getting shortlisted and went into a two horse race against something called 'The Hutton Mug'. The mug did very well, despite a lot of campaigning from Ben Ryder as he was unhappy about a minor rule violation.

Luckily FDEV put both in the game and I have bought and sold both.
Been there did that, takes forever and you get a new badge for it, the only question is do you really get a mug? I didn't although It would have been nice to drink coffee from it while playing :D
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Blast it all my Hutton trips were before joining EDSM and that badge being available, now I'll have to go again.

Best buy myself a new small ship to get the SCA and dig out a new book to read.
My Hutton story begins back in 2015, while at home recovering from a surgery was spending time watching twitch.
Ended up in watching a few different steamers playing elite. I had been playing for a few months and was getting bored with the grind.
Then MahdDogg and DJTruthSayer and others were making the Hutton Run bringing scrap for the Hutton mug CG.
Well I was in the area, at Ross 490 so I filled up with scrap and made my first of many trips to the orbital.
After watching the streamers at least I knew about the 90 min trip.
Upon arriving I came into an instance with more Cmdr's than I had ever seen, i was gently reminded by a cmdr in an Anaconda who appeared to be flying CAP, to get In line and wait my turn.
The coms were full of truckery antics. And links to Hutton orbital radio website.

That was the end of my boring Elite experience, been an Hutton Trucker ever since.
Even went to SagA to deliver a mug for Hutton.

Here is a real Hutton mug
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Had a friend on xbox finally take the trip. I asked him did he atleast pick up some gin or any mugs for the trouble? The reply was, "nah i raged quit, when i realized i was in a large ship".
Went there in my first week of owning the game in my Sidewinder after picking up a 650k credit data delivery (was aware of the distance after FE2). Nice payday for me at the time and the next station stop allowed me to upgrade to a Viper

Not much profit from the mugs with my 2t hold though.
My first Hutton experience was mostly by mistake. Was only a week into playing the game, running data and small cargo missions.

"Hey, take this data to Hutton Orbital...we'll pay you 4m credits..."

Wow! I'd never had the opportunity to make that kinda cash before, so I took the job and set off...

After half an hour into the journey I figured something must be wrong, checked the mission details, "oh I assumed that was LS, not LY".

Ultimately I found it quite fun. Picked up a few mugs, even kept one in my cargo for a few months till I blew up doing something (else) stupid.
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