YOUR name in Elite! Tourist Beacon competition

Cmdr: Shakalx3
System: Pludgu QK-F d11-0
Coordinates: -3898.03125 / -2337.6875 / -3935.9375
Description: Planet 1. Earth like world, located at the bottom of the galaxy, bathed in the light of the whole galaxy above it and hard radiation from it's parent Neutron star nearby. Despite it's unlikely neighbour, surface conditions allow for human habitation with minimal protective gear. Location was surveyed by the Scouting Initiative and previously visited By Sidewinder Syndicate in Key to the Heart expedition.

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System: Ridgoo WP-G d10-120 (Gorgons)
Cmdr Name: Kazahnn Drahnn
Description from GMP: An Earth-like World orbiting around a couple of Water World terraformables discovered during the Perseus Survey in the remote and little explored region in Via Maris. In Greek mythology, a Gorgon is a female creature. Traditionally, while two of the Gorgons were immortal, Stheno and Euryale, their sister Medusa was not as she was slain by the demigod and hero Perseus.
System name: Wepae aa-a h22 aka Mors et Vitae
A beautiful earthlike planet is orbiting not one but two black holes in their barycenter. The planet is less than 50 lightseconds away from annihilation. Never have life and death coexisted this close together

Cmdr Name: Alkibiades

Earth orbiting 2 black holes in their barycenter at a distance of less than 50ls
2 black holes and a neutron star in the same system
Ringed sun (radius about half of the galaxy record)
Sheppered moons

If thats not enough for a tourist beacon I dont know ....

A bit dark this earth because the main "stars" are two black holes.... maybe the sunlight from all the thousand systems around is enough for life on this planet.

This is from the 3rd sheppered moon. The rings are basically invisible in normal space.
All pictures are from horizons. In odyssee the planets look completly different.
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I beg your pardon. No one will be interested. But I found it remarkable to find this star system. Earth-like system, water world, gas giant and neutron. I have no other screenshots left. Well, okay(
System: Agnairt LG-O d6-995
Cmdr Name: First Aid Kit


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OK, here is my contribution. This is just one of about 10 unexplored ELW's that I am currently finding. This is so new, that I haven't even handed in my UC data yet.
(Horizons on PS4)

Commander name: Deserted-crib3

System: Eoch Bli ZO-T C18-1789.
No other special features.

ELW: 1st planet

MOON: Lovely looking ice filled valleys for all you 'Low G' snow boarding enthusiasts.
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Ok I will put my oar in. 35000ly down western spiral arm of the galaxy. The system is not remarkable in itself but the galactic disc is worth seeing


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