YOUR name in Elite! Tourist Beacon competition

An old favorite of mine is in the rosette nebula...
This earth like orbits -three- suns in close proximity, and has the rosette as a backdrop. So I nicknamed this place 'The three graces'.

The ELW is in barycentric orbit with a terraformable HMC world, and there is a waterworld in-system. But it's the view that's most worth it.

The three graces: Rosette Sector RD-S B4-0
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Commander name: Nozdus
System: Eock Bluae QL-X c1-1

EDSM entry:
Eock Bluae QL-X c1-1 (DSSA Bougainville)

This system is located in an isolated nebula (Eock Bluae AA-A H36) in the Trojan Belt region east of the galactic center.
My Fleet Carrier, the DSSA Bougainville (from the DSSA initiative) is in permanent orbit of the earth-like world to provide a safe harbor for visiting explorers who will enjoy this beautiful view.

2020-06-12 09-51-48 Eock Bluae QL-X c1-1 (HighRes).jpg
It's okay if the ELW has been discovered. We're looking for a screenshot of the system
After some thinking, I decided to submit one of my one.

Name of the system: Greae Phio DT-G d11-169
In-game Commander name: CMDR Mooing

Information: This system which lies within a purple nebula, has a whole host of life forms, including a ringed ELW, two gas giants with water-based and ammonia-based life, and a few colorful Lagrange clouds with some electrified inhabitants.




Edit: Thanks to CMDR SpaceLordAce for that last picture
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System: Rhuedgie KN-T e3-721
Cmdr Name: Mist0
Description from GMP: Discovered during the Perseus Survey, a gas giant of this system has three moons which are all ELWs, also one of them is ringed. And, the icing on the cake, this is a GREEN system.


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The best pictures of this system are not from me, but from cmdr Baxder ->

Note: Only one submission will be accepted per player. If you submit multiple screenshots, the last one will be considered your only valid entry. Entries after 14:00 BST on 30 September will not be counted. We reserve the right not to include any Commander names in Tourist Beacon text that we deem inappropriate.
might want to delete that last image otherwise it might be counted as your entry.
System: Umbaiss GR-T d4-6948
CMDR name: Gregorio Cortez
System contains a primary neutron star orbited by a high metal content world, and a companion K type star orbited by 5 high metal content worlds, a water world and and earth like world.
The system is located approx 30kLy from Sol

Im unable to get to the system at the moment. It would take several days as of now, and on top of that i have internet problems at the moment.
CMDR: Wol Arn
System: Flyiedgiae DM-C d164

In this system, an Earth-like world and a terraformable water world are twin planets.
Among other things, this system also has two high-metallic worlds that are terraformable and two rocky worlds with bio-signals.
(Translated with DeepL)

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Currently way out in the black, but I would like to submit a system I found a while back. However, I am currently extremely far away from it at the moment and don't have a picture of the ELW.

This system, has three water worlds (two have beautiful rings), an amonia world, and an earth like world - only a couple thousand light years from the "Collection of Wonders."

Cmdr AceGuzzi

Preia Phoe UP-V d3-1329



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