Your terrarium animal wishlist

What's your top 15 terrarium animals you want in the planet zoo game?

1. Common stick insect
2. Cobalt blue tarantula
3. Praying mantis
4. Bushmaster
5. Tiger salamander
6. California kingsnake
7. Cape rock lizard
8. Common chuckwalla
9. Vampire crab
10. Sunburst diving beetle
11. Marine toad
12. Sonoran giant centipede
13. Red diamond rattlesnake
14. Rock rattlesnake
15. Mary river turtle
Emerald Tree Boas
Green Tree Pythons
Blue Tree Monitors
Green Tree Monitors

I'm wanting some arboreal terrarium critters! And I want BIG terrariums to go with them!!! Can we get some 1x2, 1x3, 2x2 terrarium sizes, please?

Also: It'd be awesome if they could do some terrariums to go with ants. With the little ants running around in their nests showing along the sides. I mean, it'd basically be impossible to buy individual ants, lol, but they could just use queens or colonies, I guess.
The first thing I would want to see is a third type of terrarium - a temperate display that would look different to either the tropical or desert one. The Zoopedia seems to indicate that a number of terrarium species in the game can occupy the temperate habitat but are placed in one of the existing displays; including a specific temperate terrarium would allow species that could not be so easily slotted into the other terraria.

With that out of the way, fifteen terrarium animals I would like to see represented in Planet Zoo include:
  • Large arboreal gecko (a number of species could fill this role, including the Madagascan giant day, the Asian tokay and the New Caledonian crested)
  • Chameleon (honestly can't choose which species)
  • Ocellated lizard (would add a large, colourful, threatened European species)
  • Peter's banded skink (maybe a bit of an odd choice, but it is a very striking desert species that would help represent the skinks)
  • Frill-necked lizard (probably the most instantly recognisable of Australia's lizards)
  • Cobra (don't really mind the species, although the Indochinese spitting and Cape coral cobras are two particular favourites of mine)
  • Scarlet kingsnake (a good choice for a temperate North American snake)
  • White-lipped tree frog (the largest tree frog and another Australian species)
  • African bullfrog (a species of amphibian that could be suited to the drier-looking desert terrarium)
  • Fire salamander (an ideal inhabitant for the temperate terrarium)
  • Eurasian giant mantis (a very widespread species - from Albania to Nepal - that is also very easily recognisable)
  • Stick insect (any larger species would probably do - the Malaysian jungle nymph may be the most ideal one)
  • Ground beetle (there are a number of large species suitable - I would personally choose from either the Olimpia's ground beetle or tyrant ground beetle)
  • African giant millipede (a very commonly-kept species)
  • Leopard slug (another temperate European species, very large for a slug and a species I have seen displayed in zoo terrariums before)
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everything with tantacles and symbiotic algae
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