Your top 5 animals you wish for


There are alot of wishlists around with so many awesome animals both known and lesser known to people, but I would like to know if people could choose only 5 animals which ones would be the most wanted?

My top 5 are classic zoo animals that I patiently wait for to add to my zoo. ☺

1. Jaguar

2. California sea lion - seriously I need them for my well-being 😂

3. Emperor penguin

4. Red kangaroo

5. Giant anteater

What top 5 animals would you like?
Only five is hard, but a good challenge.

In no particular order:

1. California sea lions
2. Harbor seals
3. Jaguar (yes, we have the same needs on a lot ;) )
4. Asian small-clawed otter
5. Maned Wolf

Please don't tell my mom thatI didn't include Koalain the top five ;) She doesn't play planet zoo, but just adopted a koala the other day to help the organisation because of the fires and told me, I need to build a Koala habitat and name a koala after the little girl she adopted. My mom's cute, heh? :D Still proud of her that she did all that without my help and without knowing one word of english. She's 61, so the web is morecomplicated for her than it is for us.
Too lazy to add pictures:
1. African forest elephant (only species remaining, has a nice now that the African [bush] elephants are no longer in the tropical biome)
2. Eastern long-beaked echidna (very unique animal, one of the largest monotremes alive today)
3. Saiga antelope (also very unique, would work nicely with reindeer, pronghorn, bison, and even the bactrian camels)
4. White-nosed coati (an exotic North American species, they're also pretty cute)
5. Red river hog (would look nice with bongos and okapis, plus more swine is never a bad thing)

Animals that went extinct during the Holocene. Nothing like dinosaurs (else competing with JWE), but things like woolly mammoth, giant ground sloths, and other lost keystone species would help complete the world today was supposed to be.
For me, it is the smaller animals that truly make these zoo simulators more unique - Zoo Tycoon 2 for instance was the first zoo game I played where animals like ring-tailed lemurs, red pandas and peafowl could be used and they soon became my favourites. Likewise, in Planet Zoo my favourites are animals like the Chinese pangolin and Nile monitor. As such, all my top five animals are at the smaller end of the scale but still larger than the ring-tailed lemur (smallest habitat animal in the game):

1. Yellow-throated marten Martes flavigula - The largest marten species which also has extremely striking colouration; they should really have little if any climate intolerance (their range spreads from tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia to the snowy taiga of Eastern Russia) and would be a fantastic addition to most Asian sections of a zoo.

2. Ocellated turkey Meleagris ocellata - A tie for my most-wanted species - a ridiculously colourful large ground bird from the jungles of Central America; it shares its range with the Baird's tapir and in the game should get some kind of bonus from being kept with the tapir - this species is also the more threatened of the two turkey species and would add another tropical Central/South American species to the game roster.

3. White-thighed colobus Colobus vellerosus - Would add a tailed monkey to the game, which is critically endangered and was recently recommended to have a captive-breeding programme started in European zoos; it would also possibly be easier to animate than the more commonly kept colobus species, as they lack the mantle of shaggy hair.

4. Corsican hare Lepus corsicanus - Would add a threatened European endemic to the game, which is simultaneously known (I'm sure most people know what a hare is) and unknown (I'm equally sure most people don't know of the Corsican species); it is also quite pretty for a hare, with visibly contrasting colours, and is kept in at least a few European zoos.

5. Black-necked stork Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus - The largest species on this list; a striking waterbird which has a range that covers large parts of South and Southeast Asia as well as northern Australia, so could suit many different areas in a zoo; they are also interestingly one of the only storks with a difference between the sexes - the eyes of males have brown irises while females have yellow irises.
Great lists everyone. Yea it is hard to choose just 5 because all animals deserve to be in game, but Frontier did good job at their animals - adding classic zoo animals as well as some unusual ones, so I trust they will keep this balance in future. 🙂

Also Cynogale, your list have quite unique animals. And you are right, I love when I can add some smaller habitats with smaller species along with the big ones. Makes zoos more realistic. My personal favourite from smaller species would be fennec fox. :)
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Five animals that’s a really tough choice since all animals on this list are great choices so far. I guess in no exact order for me it would be
1) black howler monkey
2) meerkat
3) emperor penguin or any species would do I guess.
4) North American river otter
5) bald eagle
Although I’d like tons more I feel these animals are very unique to any animals we have so far.
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