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Brett C

Hi folks,

Have noticed there are numerous threads regarding wishlists and what you'd like to see in the game. So without further cluttering the forums, please place all of your ideas and wish lists as a reply to this thread here. You're welcome to post to this thread as much as you'd like.

Please note that posting here does not denote your idea will be added to the game.
When in life or death situation, allow lethal actions.

It doesn't have to be all blood and gore due to various Censor Board restrictions, but it has to be lethal.
The rangers and their jeeps should be able to get attacked by dinos. Would be really weird to be able to just drive up to the Indominous without her caring.
1) Seamless, Dynamic, and High Variation of Dinosaur Killing/Interaction Animations - just like the T-Rex attacks in the announcement trailer.
2) Dinosaurs have good senses and awareness of its surrounding
3) More Touring Rides - automated safaris, boats, hot air balloon tour, underground platform, etc...(in first person view)
4) First Person View and movement control of a park visitor. If Possible, the ability to hop in vehicles, interacts with objects, hides, and uses tools.
5) Proper Hunting/Grazing Behaviors - Herd Formation/Evasion for Herbivores; Ambushes/Coordinated Group Attack for Carnivores. Scouting, Territorial Guarding.......and a full-blown Rampage mode.
6) Better Dinosaur AI - Personalities for dinosaurs, ability to develop relationship with other dinosaurs and human, ability to learn and adapt to environment.
7) Real Time fluent and continuous attacking (slashing, biting, charging, tail whipping) and evasive maneuvers that can lead to injury or potential missed attempt/escape, as an alternative to the finishing cinematic killing animation / cinematic Turn-Based dinosaurs fighting animation - just like the T-Rex missed bites in the announcement trailer.
8) Vulnerability of everything and everyone including park workers.
9) Blue, Rexy, Mosasaurus, I-Rex, Indo-Raptor.

[Somewhat in Order of Priorities]
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1) Path decorations - lampposts, floodlights, bins, benches, fountains, speakers (with custom music would be nice), statues, fossils, dinosaur info boards by paddocks, street signs, poster boards (with custom image support would be nice)
2) Terrain tools - selection of appropriate biome paints (sand, rock, swamp), rocks, plants/bushes, tall grasses, paleo trees that herbivores can feed on
3) High mast lighting in paddocks to light dinos at night
4) Visitor attractions - viewing domes, jeep safari (JW free drive and JP track ride), balloon ride, Cable Gondola ride, boat ride, treetop walking paths and first person mode for all current and future attractions
5) Tour guides that take guests round the park
6) Herbivore feeders - viewing platform feeding trays/guest hand feeders, treetop walk feeding trays
7) Security cameras
8) Raptor paddocks from both JP and JW
9) Sandbox mode with day/night cycle
10) Jurassic Park assets - buildings, main gate, vehicles
11) Larger variety of guest buildings - shops, food stalls, information stations, dino feed. Also the dino balloon I saw in JW and see the guest walking around with it because why not
12) Ability to purchase more land to build on for each island
13) Staff management - manage training, wages, job types, and moods
14) Staff variety - janitors, entertainers, dino experts at each paddock (maybe in the viewing stations)
15) Visitor management - see guest thoughts and needs globally and individually
16) More ways to access the islands - Helipad and ferry port, then jeep ride or monorail to park entrance
17) Aviary and lagoon
18) Paddock cleaning - dinos do a doo doo, rangers go clean it up
19) Separate restricted staff areas and visitor areas - build all your important staff buildings (power, ACU, expedition centre, fossil and research) away from the main park and have a path locked off via a staff gate
20) Underground power cables
21) maintenance sheds/bunkers for running backup power systems/power relays between different power stations

I'll probably edit this as I think of more stuff

-- side note: ability to pre-load the game for pre-orders
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I want to preface this by saying that I know you've set the time of day for each of the islands of Las Cinco Muertes. This post is purely for (hopefully) what you may or may not have planned for Nublar and/or a sandbox mode (which please let there be one, literally everyone wants one).

Nighttime in the Jurassic Park movies, is in my opinion, the most thematically and aesthetically important part of the series. Imagine Nedry driving to the docks in the middle of the day? Or the T-rex breakout? Raptors in the long grass? You get my point. Nighttime needs to be in this game because put simply; without nightime, it wouldn't be Jurassic Park. From what you've said so far, this is meant to be the greatest Jurassic Park of all time. I genuinely believe it has the potential to live up to that title and I have a few suggestions about how you could help convey the feeling of dread AND excitement of nighttime in a Jurassic Park.

1) Dinosaurs should have a higher chance of breaking out at night. Simply put, a dinosaur breakout during the day is not scary. Well...perhaps it is, but certainly not AS scary. I know nothing about how to make a video game, but I assume the dinosaur behaviour is created via some sort of probability system whereby dinosaurs have a certain probability of exhibiting a certain type of behaviour (or it may just be random). Either way, I assume it would be possible to set the probability a particular type of behaviour higher at particular times of day. This would be fantastic.

2) We need flood lights (or some other lighting system) for the park. For some reason, the idea of flood lights illuminating certain sections of the park, putting others in darkness appeals to me greatly and I would love to see a pack of raptors running from lighted sections of their enclosures into the darkness. This adds an entire new element of excitement and I think it would look wonderful with an already wonderfully looking game.

3) Guests and staff should become scarce at nighttime. It makes absolutely no sense for guests and staff to be walking around the park at 2am. Imagine how cool it would be to hear a voice come over the speakers saying 'Last boat to the mainland leaves in 30 minutes, please make your way there now'. You'd get to see the park become emptier and emptier untill almost no one except some security were wandering around. In the original movie I loved the idea of a heavily populated park during the day becoming vacated towards the evening and having no at the park at night. Again this just adds an extra element of realism to it and makes it feel like a real-life functioning park.

4) I think (and i know this will upset some people) that day/night cycle should not be skippable. This is to create tension. Knowing that night is approaching would create a lot more tension for the player as they know that with night brings danger. Dinosaurs break out more, the park is scarier. This way, when dawn appraoches it will be a relief. Perhaps this feature should be optional, however, I don't really know how that would be done. Perhaps for those that don't like day/night cycles they could just have an option to keep the park permanently in daytime.

To me, this is fundamental for helping to convey the feeling the movies. Nighttime IS Jurassic Park.

Also since im here:
-1993 JP skins for buildings and vehicles (please please please)
-First person camera (literally just needs to be a floating camera)
-The ability to place individual tree's, rocks and create deep ponds (adds to customisation!)
-SOME blood in the killing animations (please)
-The rangers and vehicles are able to be attacked by dinosaurs (this just makes sense from a lore perspective)
-Sandbox mode
-Raptor skins from the three JP movies

I would love some feedback on this. Thanks so much Frontier, I'm so looking forward to this game.
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From my post

So are swimming and flying dinosaurs confirmed, because would be a bit of a let down if not.
The water seems a little lazy, should be options for deeper water for something like the spino who was a water and land predator, say you place a live feeder in the water it releases and shark or something for the spino to hunt, and simply creating a river for it. And fences don't go through water from gameplay i've seen what's up with that
I know we're getting sandbox mode but what about a classic mode like JPOG, design your own island and just do the one in that without all the talking and campaign mode stuff.
Will this game have cheat codes, sandbox is one thing but I enjoyed just cheating my way to make a cool park too in JPOG occasionally, would just be a pretty cool thing that new games don't do anymore.
Wondering what the dinosaur limit is, JPOG used to me off when I hit it, I wanted to go crazy and just put so many in and have a full island, so if it's low again that will kind of suck
And lastly why not be able to have male and female dinos, this seems lazy, I'd love to see the way they interact, a buck rex like from TLW so they can mate and we can see their family ways, would just add so much more to the dinosaurs.

We don't have many details on the gene splicing thing yet but like there also doesn't seem to be anything like splicing the raptors until you can tame them like we saw in Jurassic World
- Improvement to what's offered in the digital deluxe edition.
- Implement guest needs.
- A sandbox mode with a working day night cycle (if its not already planned for release).

Thanks for considering.
Sandbox mode!

Day/night cycle would be good.

Cant really say what else I want because I haven't seen that much of the game just yet.
Just in case (for whatever reason) people don't see this thread, here is a list of the most common wishes for the game that I have noticed (in no particular order):

1) Day/night cycle
2) Sandbox mode/Site B (with the Isla Sorna being site B)
3) An option for blood/gore
4) Aquatic/flying reptiles
5) Option for 1993 JP park aesthetics inluding vehicles and signs etc
6) Better guest AI
7) Dinosaurs able to attck rangers
8) First person camera
9) Customisable enclosures (placing individual trees etc)

Someone let me know if they have noticed anything different or if I have forgotten anything.
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Greetings, could there be an opportunity to:

1) Frog DNA that allows the dinosaurs to change sex and breed. (I believe this was in the first JP film)
2) More guest and dinosaur interactions, dinosaurs show some form of domestication that allow them to be petted (Maybe even by the rangers when they go in their enclosure)
3)Feeding stands where guests can feed dinosaurs through the fence or even ride? Considering petting zoo is off the table since children won't be added this can be an adult version.
4) Deeper water to perhaps allow boat rides/tours
5) More guest personalities that dictate what they want to see eg: Thrill seekers, nature lovers, big spenders so forth
6) If dinosaurs are made to be less aggressive perhaps smaller herbivores can roam park freely
7) More decorations such as fauna/trees/statues
8) You can rescue guests with the helicopter
9) Lures to move your dinosaurs away from any areas to keep guests safe or to safely work on fences/exhibit
10) Aviaries for flying dinosaurs, amphibian/nature houses for guests to walk in and experience more prehistoric life
11) In a previous comment day and night cycle would be important, with staff being scarce at night I think this would make it more challenge and add further tension to making sure your dinosaurs are behaving.
12) Unlocking freeform/sandbox
13) Adding on from seeing someone elses suggestion, Compys and miniature creatures would be a nice touch added. Maybe there is entertainment staff that walk around with Compys or small creatures to entertain guests.
14)CO-OP, maybe friends can visit your jurassic park or be a guest walking around your park. Possibility you could open the gates and let your dinosaurs eat friend? :)

If some of these are actually already in the game then great, ignore it ha. But this is what I'd like to see and hopefully more of.
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I'm very excited for Jurassic World: Evolution, and think it has the potential to be a fantastic game, and the definitive park builder experience. These are some of the elements the I really think would help make the game a truly incredible entry into the management genre.

1. Dinosaur AI: The key feature of this game is the dinosaurs. Without them, the game simply wouldn't be what it is. We've seen the beautifully rendered and animated models created by Frontier. What I feel we haven't really seen is a complex dynamic AI system, the likes of which can be found in JPOG (I imagine comparisons to JPOG are tiring, but it's an inevitable comparison). The root of this concern is the somewhat robotic interactions between entities seen in the demo. For example, prey animals do not attempt to flee from predators, and the predator appears to slowly line up to a static prey animal in order to trigger an attack animation. This is unconvincing, and shatters the illusion of these computer constructs being living, breathing creatures. Other things that seemed to be absent from the demo were herding, and naturalistic socialization between animals. We did see socialization, but it took the form of a symmetrical circle that is formed by the animals. This looks unnatural, in my opinion, and having the animals simply call to each other as they graze or roam would be a much more realistic form of communication. I know these are rather nitpicky, and I apologize, but they build up to dampen the illusion of having living creatures in your park. It's simply a bit of a shame to see such astonishingly rendered creatures behave in an unconvincing manner.

2. Park Customization: This is not gamebreaking, but I feel having more decorative objects available to the player would make for a better overall park building experience. In the demo, there seemed to be a lack of decorative objects to place. I realize that this might be a result of the game being cross-platform for consoles, and thus needing to be more broad, but I hope a compromise could be found.

3. More Attractions: Jurassic World is a theme park after all. Only seeing three attractions available to unlock in the demo was a bit disappointing. I feel that expanding this aspect of the game would be great for DLC, and would make for a much better park construction experience. Ideas for new attractions could be the open-top safari bus and kayak river cruise, both of which were seen in the Jurassic World film. Even having these two new attractions would greatly enhance our ability to build intincing dinosaur parks.

4. Guest Interactivity: This is more of a visual nitpick, but I was a bit sad to see that guests didn't really interact with their environment much in the demo build. Even simple stuff like guests sitting on benches, throwing rubbish into bins, or actually opening the doors on buildings instead of phasing through them would really increase the immersion into the whole park experience. I know guests aren't a focus for the game, per say, but they do play an important role.

5. Aquatic Expansion: This is definitely my most unrealistic wish, but I'll put it down nonetheless. An expansion pack that adds aquatic reptiles would be simply fantastic. Imagine creating vast artificial lagoons like the one seen in Jurassic World, and populating them with exotic marine reptile species from the mesozoic. Mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs. There are a ton of fascinating creatures that inhabited the seas during the age of the dinosaurs, and seeing them rendered with the same gorgeous detail that Frontier has put into their dinosaurs would be a dream come true. Boat and submarine tours could take guests up close and personal with these wondrous creatures. This would obviously be a massive task for the dev team, but it's my absolute most wanted feature to be implemented post-launch.
Good idea to create a dedicated thread for this. Won't stop people from opening new one's though [big grin]

My list. Not in any specific order:

- Proper soundtrack using John William's themes from the movies
- Optional Blood and Gore
- Better, more varied guests
- Optional day/night cycle on all islands
- First person view
- Dinosaurs should be able to attack and kill employees, and the jeep/helicopter
- Better terrain tools (e.g. place single trees, plants, rocks, deeper water etc.)
- Allow construction of fences through water
- Certain dinosaurs have the ability to remove their tracking to hide them from the map view
- Herbivores should have the ability to eat the vegetation (Thinking of that Brachiosaurus scene!)
- All dinosaurs should leave droppings (and have Ian Malcolm say that famous line!)
- Modding support
- Herbivores should realistically move in herds. Pack hunters like Raptors should, as the name suggests, hunt in packs and work out a strategy to kill their prey.

Additional content:
- Sandbox mode with unlimited funds and all content available from beginning
- Optional male dinosaurs (at least as expansion!)
- Flying/Marine dinosaurs (at least as expansion!)
- As many different dinosaur species as possible!
- At least one more large sauropod like Mamenchisaurus or Diplodocus. Also Compys. If you can add weird and not universally known dinosaurs like:

- Crichtonsaurus
- Majungasaurus
- Archaeornithomimus

You have no excuse for not adding other, more well known and movie canon dinosaurs!

- Invisible fences
- River ride and more attractions/buildings in general.
- Restroom building that can be destroyed by dinosaurs and a person, preferably a lawyer, sits on it and gets eaten
- CCTV and other stuff from Planet Coaster
- Different life stages of dinosaurs like babies, teen, sub adult, adult, senior, geriatric etc.
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- Sandbox mode, it could be on Site B with remanence of older abandoned facilities, or an completely untouched island letting me play how I want.
- Sandbox mode
- Solid management game and lot's of variation in the missions
- Some terrain paints
- Day/night cycle
- Blood/gore (Either as a option or as a free dlc)
- The best game you could make!
I think that my biggest wish is that after release that they definitely continue work to add more layers to the game and especially more dinosaurs through DLC. I will happily pay for DLC that adds greater depth to the game. I believe that so far the game is looking great, but in requires more. I am sure that they know this, they are the creators after all! so PLEASE DO NOT STOP adding MORE!
- Sandbox.
- Feathered dinosaurs. ( Utharaptor, Therizinosaurus)
- Marine dinosaurs. ( mosasaurus, Ichthyosaurus)
- More diverse tree's and bushes.
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1) A lot of decoration items (cameras, statues, fountains, floodlights, bins, benches, etc)
2) Sandbox mode with day/night cycle
3) A first person mode like a guest
4) Blood/Gore option for executions
5) More visitor attractions (jeep safari, boat ride)
6) Aquatic reptiles

We are so looking foward for your game!
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