Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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After this update on PS4 there's still bugs like the Spino roar not working. the Giga shrinks, I noticed dinosaurs teleporting out of their enclosures and people running for no reason.
Another bug is that people still aren't using some buildings and leaving them completely empty
The feeders are still really annoying so they should be unlimited on challenge mode and everywhere else unless you add grazing so we don't have to feed the herbivores and only need to resupply carnivore feeders
The camarasaurus still drags its tail when it walks. The tail needs to be upright
I'm unhappy with most of the herbivores' tail positions.
The sauropods seem to suffer the worst - I see their tails clip through the ground all the time.....
My understanding is their tails and necks never touched the ground when upright.

Stegosaurus' tail is too curved and droopy towards the ground - their tails were held almost horizontally in line with their spine - something The Lost World got right in 1997 but Jurassic World in 2015 didn't. (While I'm on the stegosaurs, Huayangosaurus has a lipped mouth instead of a beak - while its cousins Chungkingosaurus and Stegosaurus are beaked).

Some ceratopsians have the same issue.
Only ones who don't seem to suffer this problem is the bipedal carnivores.
I'd love to see it fixed by we did wait 3 months for a pretty disappointing Day 1 patch.
I know it sounds silly but I love going on expeditions and also researching items. I have a save where I can sort of do that on a Nublar sandbox save. It is one where I 5 starred Sorna but did not complete expos or research 100%. It is fun but I had already researched most of the items as well as completed most dig sites.

I love in challange you get to start from scratch. My easy challange game I 5 starred with only opening up a few dig sites as well as a few researches. I am going to continute that save since it gives me everyting I want when it comes to expos and research. The game would be perfect if i could now turn off feeding and maybe power so i can now build and do expeditions to my heart's content.
I join this request. I already asked for it more times, but it is not wrong to ask for it again.

If you can not start the sandbox mode with all the excavation sites available to dig and all the research to investigate unless you can progress by stars as in Challenge Mode. This of course as an option to choose in the configuration panel of the Sandbox Mode.

And that's all.
One feature I believe should be tweaked

You know, everyone here is complaining about obvious flaws in the design of this game, like dinosaurs having floppy tails and being the wrong size, but I think that one feature which needs some tweaking would be the terrain constraints feature. I believe it is not good because it is a strange limitation that cannot be reasoned with. When it comes to obstruction, that can be explained by there being a path or building in the way of a building, but terrain constraints... That just causes grief for all.
True day / night cycle

A true day / night cycle, with the sun and moon rising to the east and setting west. to have changes of orientation of shadows and more realistic light.
is it helpful to make other suggestions ? or after this big update, nothing is planned ?

in clear, is the game declared finished ?

if not other major improvements that I would like to see, a real management of visitors as in "simcity" for example.. see their mood, their hunger and thirst, the money in pocket ect ..

certainly already suggested.
is it helpful to make other suggestions ? or after this big update, nothing is planned ?

in clear, is the game declared finished ?

if not other major improvements that I would like to see, a real management of visitors as in "simcity" for example.. see their mood, their hunger and thirst, the money in pocket ect ..

certainly already suggested.
I quite like this idea you have proposed for the developers
Post 1.4 Update Wishlist

Hello again, Frontier, you wonderful people you!

I want to preface this by saying I and indeed I believe the entire community are INCREDIBLY thankful for the outstanding work you've been doing by trying to address the major problems of this incredibly promising and increasingly fantastic game! You are an inspiration to me as a dev and you have my absolute support. The massive amounts of quality of life fixes make things run so much smoother it's incredible what a lot of small things do when combined together. The Challenge mode, while i will detail bellow how i think it could be expanded, has already completely revived my passion for this game and made it lasting. The fixes to carnivore behaviors are so incredibly helpful, although i will detail a few errors bellow that i think could be fixed. Overall this patch has blown me away, you do amazing work guys, please keep it up!

Okay, onto the wishlist / suggestions then.

  • Carnivore Hunting and Hunger - Since this one of the most important things to me in the recent update i will start with it. As i said, i love the tweaks to the carnivore behaviors, however its still ever so slightly wonky. I believe you could lower the threshold of hunger that the Dinosaur decides to hunt to about 50%? I know this can create some issues with the food value of some dinosaur corpses, but you can tweak how much "meat" they are worth to offset this. I say this largely because it does get a bit irritating to micro the dead animals when the carnivore often is at 75% or 80% hunger and it takes two bites, then leaves the corpse alone, to kill again not even 5 minutes later. While this is already much better than before, it could still use a bit of fine tuning. Technically you can mitigate or almost eliminate this by putting one or two live feeders in the enclosure but then you get all these bloody annoying goats running around and looking out of place in the exhibit. This is Jurassic Park, not Goat Park :p. Another small problem with this is that sometimes a carnivore will kill another animal but will not eat from it even though they are well bellow the threshold at which they should want to hunt. I cant help but feel that this is a bug or something. One easy and very efficient and immersive way to deal with this is if you essentially force the carnivore to feed from every kill it makes in the code (barring of course the hybrids as that would be a bit overboard) until it fills its food need or the corpse is depleted. If I'm not mistaken that is actually how JPOG did things, but it was quite a long time ago so i cant be sure. Naturally if the carnivore is at like... 95% hunger or above it wouldn't even take a bite from a kill it may have made due to territorial disputes or other fights.
  • Sleep - While we're on the subject of needs, I know you've seen this one many times before and there is a very good reason for that. While the territorial aggression behavior adds a nice bit of flavor to behaviors, Sleep is absolutely imperative to making these creatures feel alive. You would need to obviously add a sleep need and use the sleep animations (people say you already have them in when dinos get on low health but I've never seen them myself, although ill take their word for it.. i guess i manage my dinos too well to see that) to trigger the behavior. The way this could work is that obviously like you already do in certain other behaviors, you make the dinosaur untargetable by carnivore aggression while it sleeps. It is possible you were concerned with carnivore and helicopter activities interrupting sleep and therefore leaving the animals perpetually tired, but honestly plenty of animals get used to things as they experience them regularly, you can just make the animal ignore the things that would normally panic it, it's asleep after all, it wouldn't really stretch the imagination too much. Maybe it would wake up if there's a helicopter hovering right above it for a bit, but thats about it. In addition it could try to pick remote locations of the enclosure or preferably locations with trees and dense foliage to sleep in or around, to avoid the weirdness of having a gallimimus sleep out in the middle of an open field with a Rex running about.
  • Herding and Packs - This is another one you've seen quite a lot and it's very important as well for the immersion and believing these are realistic animals. I know you've addressed this with the whole "players get to pick the herds based on what they put in the enclosures", but the main problem here is thats not how herding or animals work. My suggestion on how to handle this is to basically have some code that makes animals of the same species largely gravitate towards each other. There can be exceptions, so that you dont just see clumps of one type of dino but therye still a bit more spread out. It also must mean that these groups move together by and large. One way you could handle this is if you internally designate an Alpha or Leader to the group of dinos of the same species in an enclosure. When this Alpha decides to move, the rest of the herd can communicate in the code by assuming their general direction or location and move with them. This should obviously not apply to every type of dinosaur but rather to the types of dinos that require groups of 4 and above in their social groups, velociraptors and deinonychus (altho these can have a bit more independence) and ESPECIALLY gallimumus, struthiomimus and archeornithomimus, which are theorised to move like birds, in flocks with synchronised movement. And thats it really, youd just have to synchronize them with the aforementioned alpha. I'm sure its not exactly a simple task but it can be done and im sure you're more than capable of it, my own programmers are, so i cant imagine yours aren't. In addition these synchronisations can also help with the pack hunting idea. It would help feel like the animal is being corralled by the pack and you would have to place more than one "attach" node to herbivores, possibly 2 for the medium sized ones like the maya and para, to maybe 3 for larger things liek the stego and edmonto. So instead of simply doing an animation and instakilling the animal, a raptor would attach to the animal and deal damage to it's health untill it depletes. Since in packs the target would be shared to several animals, multiple animals could aim for and jump on these attach points and deal damage to the animal faster as a group. When it drops to a low enough health perhaps there can be a special animation of one of the carnivores killing it like instead of it dropping dead outright, but that's up to you. In addition maybe this herding and pack thing doesnt activate just for animals that have the need for social groups larger than 3-4, but RATHER it is the case for every animal that this behavior would activate and an alpha and a herd would be established if it's specific social group exceeds a certain number, like 3, 4, or 5. Up to you, but i can totally see animals establishing an alpha in a group even at just 3.
  • More Animations - This one is an oldie but a goldie too, and im mostly putting it down as a check mark on my list of things i'd like to see, but dinosaurs should absolutely have more varied animations for the things they do. The current animations are all beautiful, but it looks like there is basically just one animation for everything and these are often shared by multiple animals. It would be great to see the T - Rex exhibit a few animations that are specific to it and only it, to set it apart in character, but even without that, just a larger variety of animations would help an incredible lot in making these animals feel less like they're models programmed to do a thing and more like... well animals. Illuuuussioooon! :D
  • Herbivore Food Sources - Here's one of the more interesting and more pressing things, which would tie in with the herding thing to an unimaginably beautiful degree, creating migrations etc. Currently Herbivores can only eat from feeders. Honestly that sucks and really stunts things. Carnivores now with the update can reliably move around and find food sources in the form of herbivores wherever they go, which leaves the herbivore behavior even more lacking in contrast. To fully simulate an ecosystem and knock this one out of the park you can do one rather simple thing. Paleo Flora. This is also canon in Jurassic Park lore, even though it made much less sense than the dinosaurs, but hey.. its canon so you have free reign to do it! Make it so you have two rows of flora in the terraforming section, one for the regular modern stuff thats in the game now and one for the Paleo Flora, exactly how JPOG did. This would cost more, and you would eventually have to replant it as it depletes, but it would work the same way as feeders, only with less time required to deplete individual objects. Think of shrubs and ferns as regular herbivore feeders that anything but sauropods can and will munch on, and trees as things specifically sauropods will munch on, ergo, the role of large herbivore feeders. The immediate effects are twofold - No ugly feeders in your enclosure, making it look more natural! Far less micromanagement of feeders which, lets face it, practically everyone has expressed a disdain for. Operation Genesis did this and it managed to be fun and still involved players, so you can't possibly be worried that it will leave people with little to do if they choose to opt for a no feeder park. After all, this has literally been already tested by that game and proven successful. They have dinosaurs to look at after all! And yours look and feel better than anything so far, minus the behavior issues ive outlined thus far. Imagine how engaged players would be with them once these are fixed, which i am sure youre more than capable of doing. An emergent effect of this, not immediately observed, would be the connection to herding i mentioned before. In more open exhibits or Site B style maps or Sandbox, this would mean that herbivores would naturally move together as a herd and be capable of finding food all around them if Paleo Flora is provided. You would see slow and steady migrations, animals feeling realistic, predators lurking around the peripheries of the herds and attacking when they see an opening. ALL of this would become reality if you fix the behaviors ive outlined thus far. The amount of replayability value and sheer spectacle this game would have with your visuals and everything will pretty much make this game immortal, far exceeding JPOG, believe me.
  • Day/Night Cycle - I've seen this one suggested before and it is a fairly important, although seemingly small thing. I know you've added the ability to change the time of day i nthe settings, but that's kindof stunted and only highlights how good it would actually be to have a dynamic time of day. Unlike most, i dont believe this would need to be overly complex. I wouldnt demand fancy transitions, just somewhat gradual ones, and i absolutely do not think this should in any way affect the sleeping of dinosaurs, that would just create a myriad of problems. Just add a "dawn" time of day and cycle them, make the Day last significantly longer than the night, and dusk and dawn be fairly shorter than night. This will make the world itself feel much more dynamic and alive, while also refreshing your look on the park you're so used to. In addition you can also make thsi a toggleable option in the settings and when toggled off, you can just pick the time of day like you currently do. Best of both worlds!
  • Island Sizes - Another often brought up point! This one is also extremely important, but i have suggestions!! Go me!... anyway. I completely understand that your method of creating islands likely does not at all lend itself to letting players create them. If you cannot integrate an "Island Creation" mode in the game of some sort, whether its a generation based tool or better yet, an actual editor, then the next best thing to do is make these maps yourselves! I understand that Universal might be a bit touchy with the IP, but honestly for Challenge mode (and i want to say that i think that map selection or at best, generation should only be possible in challenge more or a more expanded, separate Sandbox mode, ala Site B in JPOG) would they really care if you either gave us some utterly nondescript maps to play on or even simply explained them as different areas of Nublar or Sorna or any of the others that we were previously unable to explore? Let's face it, there is A LOT of Sorna and Nublar we have not had access to and even ONE map larger than Nublar, on another location of Sorna would already do wonders. In addition for those that want extra challenge you can also allow players to select the other islands in the campaign to play on, instead of Nublar. But here's what i think should be done to really knock Challenge mode out of the park (hurr hurr). Introduce a Custom difficulty setting, where you can manually tweak the values of the various challenge mode options to tailor your own experience. Maybe even adjust things like disease chance etc in there. Once you have selected your difficulty, instead of starting immediately, you will instead be shown a selection of maps available to play on. Click one of these and your game begins! This whole paragraph here, this would make Challenge absolutely godlike, please see what you can do, i believe in you guys!
  • More Attractions - Also something brought up quite often, i dont think you need a ton of these right now but it would be interesting. Here are my suggestions - Something aerial, to explore the island fro ma bird's eye view. Could be small planes, an airbaloon or smallish blimps. Boat ride, ala Cretaceous Cruise, which works roughly the same way as the gyrosphere, but can -ONLY- have its path on water, naturally. Maybe make that path much more narrow than the gyro tho, cuz its thickness is a bit of a pain and would need much wider rivers. A Battle Arena of some sort. Lets say a large special building, roughly the size of an Innovation Centre, that you can plop down animals to fight each other in like in a Colosseum. Beware the PETA protesters.
  • Decorations - Another of the check marks, this refers to decorations in enclosures and decorations along lets say, paths specifically to make things easier. Within enclosures, we could have things like rocks, boulders, cliffs and falled trees, which are all amazing ways to set apart an exhibit. You would probably have to make this a separate tab within the "Enclosures" section that works kindof similiar to tree placement, when it comes to rocks, only maybe jsut increasing the size of the rock formations from small rocks, through boulders, to cliffs and then MASSIVE cliffs, the more intensely you "paint" a single area with the rock tool or soemthing along those lines. Waterfalls would be amazing to work into this somehow. As for Path based decorations, i suggest statues and skeletons of dinosaurs, benches, lamp posts, fountains and maybe some kind of visitor guide sort of wall/post? Like, a map of the island or descriptions of dino exhibits or something along those lines. Also trashcans, why not. The way these i feel should work is like the inverse of buildings. Since you are capable of making large surfaces of paths, you should be able to freely place these objects on any surface that is a path. Some of them, like the lamps, benches, trashcans and information posts will be able to snap to the sides of the paths. Those flags you have on the stone path are also nice, could work as decoration too.
  • Guests - These guys are currently massively lacking. Now, i will say, they are not why i play this game, but they are an integral part of it as a park building sim, so i understand why many people are put off by them and i will admit that fixing them would add more weight to the park itself. To do this, please make them persistent entities that travel through your park and perhaps even reflect this as they do. Have them showcase various merchandise that you sell around the park if they visit that store! This alone would make them matter much more, but if you really want to go the extra mile, make them clickable, like dinos, and showcase a panel much like the dino needs one, where it showcases their needs, such as dino entertainment, fun rating, drink, food, rested, their name and maybe a little quip of what theyre currently thinking, along with a "Dinosaurs seen" section to show you which parts of your park they've visited. Granted all of this would probably be among the biggest tasks youd have to do as i feel youd have to completely remake the current system to allow it. In addition, clicking could be a bit problematic given the huge numbers of guests there are at hgiher star ratings, however honestly, you can probably reduce the amount of guests spawned a bit to fix that. Seeing the massive throngs of people does nothing for me when theyre faceless maths on paths anyway. Quality over Quantity! However i will once again reiterate that if this whole feature is not expanded on much, i can get over it, its just that it would really punch things through the roof if you did. Oh and please make visitors actually interact with certain buildings! You put observers on the hotels which is lovely, but the bar still has a huge open terrace with tables and everything is always empty... the restaurant also has a terrace, which is entirely unused, not even tables. Would lend a bit more life to these buildings.
  • Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Dinosaur Pack - I have noticed that there are exactly 6, correct me if im wrong, dinosaurs that were featured in JPOG, but are not featured here, and these are some real fan favourites. The Dryosaurus was a herbivore around the size of a pachy, and was the first dinosaur you usually got. The Homalocephalae was a bit smaller than the pachy and immensely adorable, it would be nice to see a slightyl smaller herbivore like that make it into JPOG and it's quite a unique one. The Ouranosaurus was one of my personal favourite hadrosaurae, with its distinctive sail along the back and beautiful, vibrant orange and black and grayish brown coloration. They are also indigenous to the same area as the Spinosaurus and would really make the exhibit of that dinosaur stand out, what with all the sails. "Ancient Africa" or whatnot. As it is i have to put corythosaurae in the spino pen and they look out of place there, where they would look better paired with Rexy. The Albertosaurus is a smaller cousin of the T-Rex, more along hte size of a ceratosaurus or carnotaurus and would add one more interesting and diverse mid-sized carnivore. The Acrocanthosaurus was honestly a beautiful and very unique dinosaur and was usually your very fist large carnivore, making it a star in its own right and a benchmark of achievement. And ofcourse, the gothboi edgelord badass himself, the Carcharadontosaurus, one of the biggest and scariest dinos in JPOG. Im sure fans would be absolutely ecstatic to see these dinos make it back into your game, as it is a true and worthy successor to JPOG, and for all players it would introduce just that little bit more diversity of creatures.
  • Other Dinosaur Suggestions - A few small suggestions i could make is to round out the diversity of small carnivores by adding something like an Oviraptor and maybe an Ornitholestes. Herrerasuarae and Troodons are fan favourites too and i hear that there is a reddit poster on your forums there who consistantly makes great photobashes to your creatures to create new species thats doing a pretty good job of showcasing what could be done. One personal favourite i would extremely love is a fully feathered Therizinosaurus. This one is very much canon in the JP lore too, as we see a picture of a fully feathered Therizino in the scene where its explained what the Indominus is made out of on the screen. Pretty please! What a unique creature that would be!
    For the photobashes, BestInSlot did some excellent showcases of these -
  • Flying and Marine Reptiles - And finally this one. I know you have confirmed this and im excited as can be about it, i just thought id toss in a few of my suggestions on which animals could make it in here. For the Flying ones, i would suggest a Pteranodon (obviously im sure you will have this), Pterodactyl (lacks the crest but is very much a signature pterosaur), dimorphodon, Quetzalcoatl, ornithocheirus and Tapejaras. For the Marine Reptiles i recommend naturally, Mosasaurus, which will im sure be featured, Liopleurodon, Ichtiosaurus and a few different Pleseiosarae.
  • Conclusion In conclusion, I want to say that you have done a fantastic job so far and continue to impress with your dedication! I want to see this game become the true jewel it can be and i believe everything i've listed here is entirely possible and you are fully capable of doing it, though naturally, it will by no means be quick or easy, unlike some people seem to think. This took me hours to compile and write, but i honestly think it's time well spent. Thank you so much for this game and for your continued support of it, i honestly can't say that enough! Keep it up Frontier, you rock!
Multiplayer, Different Play Styles, and Other Dino Changes

So this is a bit long but I think it is something that could get me back into playing the game on the regular. I went through it and the dinosaurs are great though they need some changes on interactions and behavior I think.

This is the biggest one: 2 or more player mode added to the game

It's a doozy to add but would get me into it big time. You now have multiple people on a huge map and you are trying to make the best park by the end of time limit or whatever you want (maybe by park rating?). Players would make dinosaurs and do all the things as in the normal game but would sabotage and send Dinosaurs by airdrop into each others parks trying to bring down their competitors. Tech would be unlocked normally but faster with dig teams going out. Herbivores, since they offer less threat to park attendants, offer greater bonuses to park rating. The ability to kill or run over dinosaurs should be added but this is a desire I doubt others would share. Dinosaurs sent into other peoples parks can not be added into your own park. Maybe you could try but enemy players should have a lysine kill switch or something to prevent this. Maybe that would have to be a research thing you do that acts as sort of a rush defense because if you send dinos into someones park early they could just take them as part of their own attractions. Research to make dinos harder or immune to being put to sleep which is why I say killing should be added.

Co-Op. I want to ride my cars and do shenanigans with a friend. Let me. Please?

Seriously though I can open the gates and let dinos slaughter my park attendants by the dozens but I can't create a safari park where the rich (or not so since I make the prices) come to hunt dangerous animals that have been extinct for thousands of years? I think It would be amazing to add as another level of play-style. Go for the peaceful look at my dudes park, go for the hunt the animals of yesteryear playthrough, and the ever exciting look how deadly I can make these things style of gameplay.

Destructible cars - make this an option you can turn off or on. I want to feel the danger of a T-Rex chasing my Jeep. Why they don't attack the cars is beyond me and sort of silly since if there is even a tiny hole carnivores will b-line to it and start killing any they come across.

MAKE HERDING - I have 5 Toros and 1 Rex. Those Toros need to group the hell up and use their numbers as an advantage. The Rex or whatever you have should try to ambush them or wait for a sick one or get used to feeders and goats. The carnivores are literal killing machines and fights become a 1v1 who got the best genes, oh that one does, obvious fight with no underdog come from nowhere victories. I gotta flood a cage with trikes or spikes to get a kill on an uber carno.

More attention to the park guests needed. Feels like I still have an empty park even if I can see the little people walking around.
Being able to follow your dinosaurs into thick forest?
I know I would like to and if you dont take the time to place a patch of forest then thin it out enough so that you wont get kicked off from watching your dinosaurs wonder around, it would also help with jeeps not being able to get around a dinosaurs paddock. So I guess my suggestion is a tweak in how thick the forest brush is as well as being able to follow your dinosaur into the forest when they are selected.
- while in Sandbox, the possibility to completely hide the User Interface and stop time (not all of us own an Nvidia graphics card that allow us to use Ansel for achieving this) so we can take awesome screenshots!

- an increased mouse sensitivity while in building and train view, and also a higher sensitivity while zooming in and out

- an optional day/night cycle

- improvement of already existing animations, and the addition of new ones

- more terraforming tools/options/features (terrain brushes, rocks, deep water, waterfalls, sand, dust, mud, etc)

- eventually, flying and aquatic creatures

- a way to prevent the clipping/ghosting bugs from happening! They kinda break the immersion of the game

- the possibility to move animals from one island to another (if not already possible)

- resting and sleeping behavior for animals

- herding behavior for certain animals like Velociraptor or Dilophosaurus

- a fully-unlocked, free-to-do-anything Sandbox mode

- while in Sandbox mode, the possibility to toggle animal aggression on/off
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Electrified fences or steel fences should not break to the point of disappearing when they have been attacked, their debris should remain on the ground.

The Raptors should climb the fences as an escape attempt (JPOG) and not break them with the head (they are intelligent dinosaurs), the Dilophosaurus as it is a small carnivore should not break the fences completely (like the Gallimimus and their relatives), should stretch and disfigure them to cross them, but not to break them as if they were dinosaurs of great body size.

-The Jeep Rangers should be destructible.

-DLC of JP'93. (Visitor center, safari tour, "Raptor Pen", other things).

-Skins for the ACU Helicopter.

-Editor of land (beach sand, rocks, etc).

-Skins for dinosaurs of the franchise as DLC or unlock in a challenge mode (Raptor Squad, Raptor Nublar <clever girl>, Raptor Sorna <TLW and JP3>, T-Rex of TLW and JP3, etc).

-Challenges (missions) random VIP visitors (Protect the VIP for certain minutes of possible leaks of carnivores).

-Possibility to play as ranger in first or third person (Get off the Jeep Ranger).

-Possibility to change the "steaks of meat" when the dinosaurs have killed another (they seem perfectly filleted and not torn).

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Brett C

Hi folks, thanks for your ideas thus far - many great ones in here. We'll be closing this thread now, as we are creating a new forum for ideas and feature requests with a slightly different layout to gauge interest and feedback.
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