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Hello fellow Commanders!
I've started my new YouTube Channel where I will talk about various parts of Elite Dangerous with a bit of role-playing on the Imperial side of the coin. First I want to address all new Commanders and make tutorial videos for them, so they can enjoy this game more. I will present elements of game lore to those who either don't know about them or don't have time to check for themselves. Next, I will talk about things that sometimes now even experienced Commanders know about. I hope that you will enjoy my videos. I would also love you're insides and tips for my future videos. 07!

Imperial Flying School has been founded in year 3303 by experienced Elite Imperial Commander Ziggy. He teaches young green cadets how to operate ships and flying techniques. The school operates in the territory of the Empire, and more specifically in the territory of the Princess Aisling Duval, but candidates from the whole galaxy are welcome.


The Galactic Labor Office is an institution within the borders of the Empire, which seeks and offers jobs to unemployed pilots. Unlike Labor Offices within the Federation or Alliance, it does not offer charity or train as a more unemployed person. In the Empire, every citizen has a duty to work, which contributes to the fact that our beloved Empire is the most powerful in the entire galaxy. If you don't have enough credits for life and would like to improve your life situation, we invite you to apply for a job at the nearest station or planetary base. Citizens of the Federation and the Alliance must first submit a request for citizenship to Princess Aisling Duval.


Generation Ships are large, self-sustaining environment ships which allow for very slow interstellar travel at sub-light speed. The first Generation Ship left the Earth in 2097 and they were sent for several decades. Up to 70,000 in total left the Sol system before hyperdrive technology was invented.


Here you have first episode about Power Play added to my channel, where I talk about basics.


True history of the Federation...


Episode about Generation Ship "Thetis"...


Made it during material collecting for engineers...
Music: "Pleiades Sonata" by Miguel Johnson

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The first episode about Power Play added... Enjoy!

True history of the Federation...

Episode about Generation Ship "Thetis" is on...

Today I give you story of the Generation Ship "Pleione"...

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