YouTube Video Thread

This is the beast its my first sucsesfull made wooden coaster. Has no realy high ratings. If the suroundings seems simple, its beacause i like to do things simple.
Hope you enjoy the onride.
BTW its the first time i use nvidea shadow play and it worked quite good.
Not sure why there are TWO coastercam POV video threads, but is POLARIS

Made a reimagined Test Track from EPCOT. I delved a little into Audacity to customize the audio, it was fun making it.

Plan to have more, and not sure if this fits in this but it is all I have for now, again, more coming soon. Enjoy!


Great stuff guys! Keep posting more! :D

My latest update to Buffalo Valley. Almost done with my River Rapids Ride "Boulder Rapids".

Finished my river rapids ride and made a POV video showing it off

Excellent creations guys
Nemmie, I love Blast Point resort - I was there on opening day, did you see me?

Just wanted to share my video about my blueprint, which is a very compact floorless coaster - thus it could be used quite verstiile
All the videos from y rides in Pixel World:


More to come:
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