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After lots of suggestions from the community, we discuss future plans of Aurora Park as well as take a walk through of the park!

Temple of Doom the Ride 2.0 is now on the workshop!

Just thought I would throw these in here.

I think it's one of the best coasters I've build in Planet Coaster. It is inspired by the Intamin Blitz Launch Coasters. Enjoy.


@ 2bitjosh and Luuknoord
Very good rides ! [up][up] i do love the scenery in each ! particularly the mine's inside which look like Indiana Jones 's.
Well done !![big grin]

Edit : @Raven : so good your ride ! So much Spooky !!! Very good work . Love it ( Although I do not like that theme !) [up]
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Hello :)

As some of you have already checked out our collboration park "TRAGIC KINDGOM" by Anigmandra, Kimattacks, Whitesider and myself.
We have got a 4K UHD video from the incredible TWISTED KNOT with a nice overview of the park.

So enjoy his great work:


if you want to check out the park yourself, you find it here:
I already commented on how great the park is, and this video really makes it look good. Nice editing and choice of video shots
Starting a new live stream series called Shady Gorge Park!

Disneyland’s Temple of the Forbidden Eye!...Indiana Jones Adventure Ride and Full Queue Recreation![video=youtube;A2ixbyTaGBY][/video]

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
I'm curious to know, from people that recreate irl rides, do you recreate rides you've ridden yourself, or do you try and recreate ones you've never ridden and rely completely on photos? Surely the latter must be a huge challenge, as you have nothing to rely on, memory wise?

Also, I watched a couple of the latest videos and they're all fantastic! I couldn't watch the whole of the Disneyland Paris one, but revisiting it in Planet Coaster, I HAD to see Hyperspace Mountain again. The best ride I've ever been on!
My Recreation of the Indiana Jones ride and Queue at Disneyland! [video=youtube;A2ixbyTaGBY][/video]
Hey Chante! Nice to meet you! My name is Tommy aka TommyT067 Welcome to the family! I just completed a recreation of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland! Please check it out! Bo knows me, I've done other recreations, movie rides and original rides also! Here's a few links below! Take a look if you get a chance! :) Thanks Chante!!! -Tommy

Here's my email also :)




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