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Come along for the last tour of the completed Heavily Detailed Sunshine State Park in @PlanetCoaster

In this episode we add the park's first roller coaster, the Giant Dipper, using a blueprint from the steam workshop.




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Hayo coaster friends!

Thanks to all of you for sharing your videos of amazing Planet Coaster creations in the past few years!

With the upcoming Forum Revamp in sight I have moved this thread from the Community Creations General forum to the Planet Coaster Discussions forum (which will be renamed to General Discussion during the Forum Revamp) so that this thread can continue to be one place where you can share your Planet Coaster videos with the community. I have also made this thread a sticky.

It's been an incredible ride so far and I look forward to see new videos of your creations for years to come!

Excellent idea Joel!

In this episode we add another ride and some scenery to some open spaces in the park.


In this episode, we work on adding buildings to the other side of Main Street including several more shops and facilities.


We're back in Shady Gorge Park with Raiders of the Lost Arcade!

In this episode, we add more decoration to some of the open spaces to fill in the gaps between our buildings and rides.


In this episode we deal with several park management issues that need our attention.


Teaser for my mall project! Someone suggested "PlanCo Promenade" as the name of the shopping center and I really like it

In this episode we struggle to keep the park afloat while trying to increase guest happiness.


We're back in Shady Gorge Park where I announce the winner of the little contest I've been running as well as taking a look at the new hybrid coaster we built during the live stream!

In this episode we are forced to do significant vendor layoffs to get the budget under control, then we spend some time planning out the larger park.


This is the third episode in a project in which I make a Guild wars 2 -Path of fire- inspired park (specifically the region Vabbi) with a bit of a twist by which I mean putting it in a snowy biome
In this episode we add three new rides to the Victorian part of the park.


In this episode we focus on researching some new rides while we add a little bit of landscaping to the new part of the Victorian area.

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