YouTube Video Thread

Hello all :D Post links to your YouTube videos.

will be nice to maybe discover some new talents in the community.
Hop on as we chase down the Ultimate EF1 - EF5 Tornados, Twisters, Lightning Storms and Crazy Disasters. Hold on tight also as we plow through corn fields, water ditches, barns, and a small town city that gets demolished!!!! Definitely beat my record for the most special effects and triggered events created in a single ride experience. So put your headphones and seat belts on to watch this EPIC Tornado Chase....PLANET COASTER Style!

The scene that ends the Ghostbusters "Who ya gonna call?" story/scenario goes by fast. It's easy to miss entirely or if your camera's in the wrong place you may not get the full impact. Frontier did a nice job on the scene - a big shout out to them!

I reloaded an autosave to take a closer look and recorded it. If you missed it or want to see it again check out this video.
Wow - nice ride.
here is what I thought was great:
The windows throughout the ride with stuff trees and gravestones. Gave those scenes some great depth and realism.
The spiral stair cases, both up and down were a great idea.
Nice Chandelier
The room scenes were very well laid out and detailed

Two ares of slight improvements:
the seance room - maybe some movement like the moving books and there are furniture on TMTK that also move.
The last 3rd of the ride was so dark I couldn't see any detail, just looked like lamps in dark hallways? Lighten it up a bir so we cna see the great details you put in.

Very nice - keep it up.
Hey all,

The terrain editor doesnt get enough love IMO, and theres not NEARLY enough premade terrains on the workshop for players to play. ( Please also add a Landscape tag to the Workshop pleeeeeeeease).

Anyways, I've decided to focus on developing open maps for others to build their parks on. Follow me on The National Department of Joy as we talk about landscape sculpting, life, being a creator, and game news!

Looking forward to you joining me!

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