YouTube Video Thread

Hello all :D Post links to your YouTube videos.

will be nice to maybe discover some new talents in the community.
Hop on as we chase down the Ultimate EF1 - EF5 Tornados, Twisters, Lightning Storms and Crazy Disasters. Hold on tight also as we plow through corn fields, water ditches, barns, and a small town city that gets demolished!!!! Definitely beat my record for the most special effects and triggered events created in a single ride experience. So put your headphones and seat belts on to watch this EPIC Tornado Chase....PLANET COASTER Style!

The scene that ends the Ghostbusters "Who ya gonna call?" story/scenario goes by fast. It's easy to miss entirely or if your camera's in the wrong place you may not get the full impact. Frontier did a nice job on the scene - a big shout out to them!

I reloaded an autosave to take a closer look and recorded it. If you missed it or want to see it again check out this video.
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