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It's time!! The first ever Episode of Real-Up My Ride is live! We take a submitted park blueprint and inject realism based on my own experience of working at a real-life theme park company (and with those who design actual parks and rides) then couple it with Planet Coaster's playable functionality...

Massive thanks to Jesse Parks for submitting Sunshine Park. We look at the boardwalk area and add some cool stuff!

This was a time consuming and hard thing to film, so I really do hope you enjoy more than the first 20 seconds and stick with my broken pop-screen. If you want to submit your own blueprints for future episodes, details are in the video description. Comments and feedback always welcome!

It's time!! Real-Up My Ride EPISODE 2!!!! (Taking your submitted blueprints and adding realism based on my real-life experience with theme park design and 4000 hours of PlanCo!)

Massive thanks Tom Burbage for this one. We are "real-ing up" a Rapids ride, so we talk through principles and design tips of Rapids Rides in real life vs Planet Coaster!

I was going to release it this evening, but let's do it early!! Please also help to spread the word by sharing and stuff and of course, if you want Episode 3, let me know! :)
Hey every-one!! It's time!! Episode 3 is finally here... We Real-Up an already lovely Entrance Plaza / Ticket Area. We not only transform the area but talk through guest flow, behaviours and how real-life parks design the area to influence or control crowds!

Please share this around too... I may be about to lose my job, so I need to monetise as quickly as I can, lol

As always, please let me know what you think!
very cool ride and very exciting especially for not having any drops. One of the best all around coasters I have seen built in a while.
It's time!!! Let's Real-Up a Western Area with an Arrow Suspended Coaster in it. We talk about disabled access, area layout, maintenance and some more! Ep 6 of Real-Up My Ride is here!


Can this one make 200 views and push me past 100 subs? Let’s find out!

Please remember to share the hell out of this to make sure the series continues!
OK then.. You’ve waited long enough and you’ve seen the spoilers of the gift shop, box office, guest services, lockers and burger bar.. So it’s time for Ep 2 of Real-Up My.. Park.. From Scratch to see it come together..


As always, let me know what you think, comment, subscribe and share it far and wide! 😊
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