After zooming out on some of the premade parks it occurred to me that having a Zoning feature similar to Cities Skyline would be a great feature. A lot of modern parks already encompass this idea and it would make managing the parking a lot more interesting for users.

For example you could have a dedicated Pirate zone and then get feedback just on that Zone i.e How many guests go to this zone, how happy are they with this zone etc.
Love this idea, absolutely brilliant.

Would also allow for the specific mascots to know where they should be as well
This was my thought. Likewise, it could help the guests prioritize themselves. Children drawn to fairytale and pirate, teens drawn to pirate and western, etc. We already know that guests will have demographic preferences, so it would make sense for zones to exist, allowing those guests to gravitate toward places that match their preferences.

It wouldn't necessarily be a difficult task, really. Just using a paintbrush zoning tool much like Cities Skylines allows, the areas can be determined by the player. Of course, I suppose flat rides will already have their own theme and will or will not match the surrounding zone they are in.
It would also allow you to quick select a zone by assigning a key to it and when needed press it to jump to that location as I can imagine the parks getting rather large. All it needs is a wire frame area mask that you draw over the area you want, assign it via menu and hit OK.

Good idea and something that makes the management side good. You could also as a task during "campaign" where you have to create certain zones, number of rides, attract 'x' people etc