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Since COVID-19 has shut down my local zoos, they have began uploaded videos and livestreams of the animal enclosures so people can still 'visit' the zoo while at home.
Here is Taronga Zoo (Sydney and Western Plains, Australia) TV. You can see some of the habitats, backstage areas and watch keeper talks, ideas for your zoo creative building :)

They will be making the 'tv' larger in the next coming weeks with more animal cams and videos to watch.

Any other zoo streaming their animals?
Yeah these are cool I watched a black rhino and it’s baby quite a bit last summer I forget the zoo tho.

Bo Marit

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Such a lovely thing, isn't it! Planet Zoo is also sponsoring the Elephant Cam at San Diego Zoo in case you're interested:

In Germany, there are actually quite a lot Zoos with "behind the scenes" stuff in TV.
The longest one running is about the Leipzig Zoo with more than 700 Episodes. And you can see, how they managed the time they had too close between March-June 2020.

Some years ago we went to a different zoo and saw them filming for one of those shows :)
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