Zoos with a theme, Advertising & two animal whishes

Please excuse mistakes or just weird grammar, english is not my first language.

Animals I would love to see:
1. Sloths
Not only are they cute and endangered, they often live in walk-in exhibits. Not many of the so far confirmed animals seem suitable for that. (peafowls for sure, maybe gazelles or Lemurs...)
They are also great for indoor areas and do not need much space. They are also very suitable to share their enclsure with birds or other plant eating animals.

2.Petting zoo animals
I have a feeling that these are in the game anyway. But goats, sheep, lamas would be really great. It's not a Zoo if there are no children crying because they got run over by an angry goat.

Advertising and zoos with a theme
I also hope that we will be able to have a zoo with a certain theme ('farm animals', or 'australian animals' for example) without having guests complain about the lack of lions (for example). Very few people in reality would walk into something called "farm animals around the world" and be astonished that there are no lions. I think it would be great if the guests expectations on what to see were influenced by advertising. The player could choose biomes, animals or other attractions to advertise and the guests would come with the expactation to see these. False advertising would maybe give you more guests for a very short time, but after that you would have less guests than before. This could even be interesting if you are in the game for a while: if you advertise your white lion, and that animal dies then, you would have disappointed guests.
Advertising your zoo as having a certain theme would be a really interesting mechanic. Back in the Zoo Tycoon 2 days it was impossible to have even a quarter of the animals in your zoo due to optimization issues and the needs of the animals so I had multiple saves with certain themes. They all had the problem you describe where I would have, for example, a savannah themed zoo where customers complained there weren't enough polar bears.

It would be nice if the game automatically predicts a theme for your zoo based on your use of biomes and ground modification, giving visitors a certain set of expectations.
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