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    Outstanding! Can't wait to see what more it'll bring. You guys are giving us hope and this game more life that's for sure!
  • CMDR Karrde Sun
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    I too have doubts about FD's ability to pull off a full-on FPS-style gameplay in the time allotted, purely based on past performance, but let's remember that this next big update is planned to be paid content so it'll have to be something fairly...
  • CMDR Beni Stingray
    On vacation. Probably until ED is playable again. If that ever happens.
  • Micha
    U said it "play as u like", this initiative is to be done with small or medium ships, no one forces u to participate, id love to ship large quantities of this things too in the Type 10 or the Federal Corvette, but i cant, so i got the Krait...
  • Gregg Rulz ok
    I presume you only play Bethesda games because I have many games that have updates and I never have major issues. Also: I also see you have made your strawman.
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  • Riverside
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    Planet Coaster just announced their ghostbusters dlc.. Source: Was so offended when trying to find an official link, and the only one that exists is Twitter. Does anyone here...
  • Riverside
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    TJ does...... do we need to say more? :D
  • Micha
    Largely agree here, however FDev have managed to slip in a couple of real doozies of bugs which should have been caught during QA. Of course there will never be a piece of software which is bug-free (in fact, I managed to crash my compiler...
  • Asp Explorer
    Asp Explorer replied to the thread The Star Citizen Thread V10.
    Burning laser holes in graphite meshed triffid gameplay confirmed! Perhaps they can combine the drink mixing to provide never-done-before sealed dome horticulture guild interactions? Hopefully they will add the Nali Healing Fruit from the last...
  • Noobilite
    Yes that would be idea. Others could also. I have a feeling they haven't because of stuff related to server space and networking for the game. It would bring about more things like scavenging as a real profession.
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    So I managed to mine, haul and sell 170 painite in one run. Sold it at Jacques for around 70 million. Not bad! It did take me an hour and a half to an hour and 45 because I only had two 3A collectors, 4 limpets. I may swap a 3 for a 5 but...
  • aRJay
    Mining tools are Analysis only. Collector limpets work in both. You can set composition scanner and data link scanner on the same fire button and change HUD mode to determine which works, though you will get nag messages.
  • Kissamies
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    Four AFMUs? One AFMU is all you'll ever need, if it should somehow drop to 0% integrity you can repair it up to 1% with the reboot/repair option, and then it'll work just as well as if it was at 100%. Neutron star boosting will significantly...
  • Micha
    The most buggy game ever? That's quite an exaggeration, my friend. This game has some of the smoothest visuals you'll find this day and age, and I can go weeks at a time without finding a bug or issue. Almost any game you'll ever play is gonna...
  • Riverside
    Riverside replied to the thread Cheating in Elite Dangerous.
    Steam chart figures show concurrent players - the number of players currently playing at that time. So if we assume each player plays for say 2hrs per day we can multiply any given figure by 12 to get an approximation of the total playerbase...
  • aRJay
    I think that if you look at the weapon and it only comes in fixed or turreted form, like mining lasers, then it needs a multicrew player to get it to work as a turret but it will probably work for you when set to Forward Fire mode.
  • Z
    mainly its to do with the rebuild timer, personally. If you want, say....a fixed beam taipan constantly available you need to have it in both bays, so you can hop in the other one when the first gets shot down. But that then restricts you to only...
  • BDelacroix
    Running into empty czs. I don't know the answer to that but what I am doing is I have my cutter at the station in pencil. I am fighting in the cutter and then if I have to land on an outpost I swap to the krait 2 I left at pencil. It is like 6...
  • DarkMellie
    I have the Warthog which is beautifully built with a very solid trigger and used a cat scratching post between my legs for the stick, had the throttle on the upturned box it came in to my left, and then saitek pedals under the desk. When I say...
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    Tikanderoga replied to the thread Cheating in Elite Dangerous.
    So rough extrapolation would mean that they sold 1.1 million copies of ED at 20£ a pop. If only there were that many players in game at any given time. Or even 5% would mean 55000 players. Looking at the chart here...
  • cheesenbiscuits
    We've got ship interiors people! Now you could earn them in game....or for a low,low price you can make your favourite ship look different! Large plants,that will probably help things along at some point.... Source...
  • Riverside
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    Often there will be mats as well. I don't recall the skimmers dropping mats, but they might do. Engaging them can result in fines or bounties, so check whether they are wanted before engaging. :D S
  • Para Handy
    Para Handy replied to the thread Who were those guys ?.
    Depends if they are Wanted or Clean - just target them and look at the text. ... also be aware that not all cannisters are legal salvage - check the text on them too.
  • Hand of Khaine
    I'm in a Cutter which is too Large to land at either station, so I can only submit my Combst Bonds at the Megaship. Do they still count towards the CG?
  • devinsaurus
    Dear Frontier, We wanted to have small ornithischian dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. Small Herbivore Dinosaur Pack Part 1 Hypsilophodon Thescelosaurus Orodromeus Part 2 Parksosaurus Oryctodromeus Albertadromeus Part 3 Kulindadromeus...
  • hems303
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    I had spent a few days floating around the anarchy systems. Mainly I had found myself a few practice pirate targets (and some confidence after not flying for nearly 2 years). I decided to take the "Jolly Robbed Ya" on her first proper pirate...
  • Kucewiczr
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    1) Animal gets pregnant 2) time passes 3) "the stork" (helicopter) comes with a box and presto you have a new baby. Or something like that. :)
  • Kucewiczr
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    Love the idea of the tortoises/turtles laying eggs in a nest and after a while watching them how they hatch.. Even for the bird species that would be amazing to see, combined with them hatching them. Not sure though about the live birth of...
  • nik_a777
    Personally, I say let the bullies and cheaters gang up on me. My learning curve just goes off the charts because of them and I don't bend over for nobody. I will just keep coming back. My issue is with just getting to play in the first place. I...
  • Lazuras Poe
    We thank you for your service and leading the way. Your negative experience will undoubtedly improve our positive experiences. Carry on cmdr!
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