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  • GonzoTheMalificent
    When a diplomat says yes, they mean maybe. When they say maybe, they mean no. When they say no, they’re not a diplomat.
  • GonzoTheMalificent
    I would have liked this thread, but thus far nobody has used the word 'juxtaposition'. My contined interaction with the conceptualization of this dialogue is predicated upon urgent rectification of this unconscionable oversight.
  • earthtone99
    earthtone99 replied to the thread I have birthday today.
    Happy Birthday, lovely exploration shots by the way!
  • C
    Some members of this forum will cry blue murder if carriers don’t have all the capabilities of an average station, but I really hope that we won’t be able to buy modules, or trade etc. on the ships themselves, except perhaps buying modules that...
  • GonzoTheMalificent
    So you’re saying they should only be available in OPEN?
  • Robert Maynard
    Robert Maynard replied to the thread CPU.
    I have an FX-8350 (long retired from my gaming PC) - and would not recommend acquiring one as an "upgrade". I recently upgraded from a 1800X to a 3900X - the 1800X is in my son's PC and is still a decent CPU (albeit outgunned in some respects by...
  • GonzoTheMalificent
    Hmmm... fascinating....could you elaborate on that?
  • earthtone99
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    Hello i have a birthday today!!! Today i went on the first expedition. Fly safe to all)
  • A
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    Wasn't that like the first campaign zoo? If the first one runs at 20fps I cannot imagine the other ones xD
  • GonzoTheMalificent
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    Thanks everyone for the help, greatly appreciate it. Time to go full zombie mode and Zone out of the ENDers on some astroids. Lol
  • B
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    In other news, the following animals are confirmed as well Indian elephant Indian rhinoceros Okapi
  • BernyMoon
    BernyMoon replied to the thread Requirements.
    Wasn't that like the first campaign zoo? If the first one runs at 20fps I cannot imagine the other ones xD
  • S
    I have a void opal mining spot in a system on the Bubble's edge, with a population of 900k. It's currently anarchic, which is a pain when pirates try to steal my opals. How easy would it be to flip the system to a non-anarchy faction either solo...
  • FalconFly
    I don't think a Sidewinder would be considered expensive as it stands in 3305. The Pilots Federation even hands them out for free in unlimited numbers just as a Membership perk. Today though? Top notch Military gear and the only Vessel capable...
  • Han_Zen
    Han_Zen replied to the thread The Quest To Find Raxxla.
    That's true but if all you have are three points, only the solution in the plane is relevant. Until you have some distances or more points, that's all you can get.
  • Old Duck
    And brand new ones will be added, and old ones too for that matter........yay......
  • GonzoTheMalificent
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    As others have said, to unlock you only need to have refined 500t, not sold it. You refine everything you can in your setup and only need to keep the 10 Painite for Selene, eject the rest...unless you want to sell it to make your time at least...
  • Aashenfox
    Aashenfox replied to the thread why is this still a thing???.
    If you accept that CZ instances are semi persistent (i.e. you can go into one that someone else in your open session just completed) and that they need approx 3 minutes according to my observations in order to 'reset', you can either wait when...
  • GonzoTheMalificent
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    You don't even need to haul/sell the 500t. You can just blast the chunks off a roid, collect them, refine them to ore and then jettison them immediately... if you want to. Given that you need the 10t of Painite, though, you might as well mine...
  • earthtone99
    On PS4, the circle ⭕️ button fires the ships boosters when pressed quickly. When held down you can use the D-Pad to select cargo scoop, landing gear etc. So many times on docking it thinks I’m tapping the button and launches me into the back end...
  • Rottenberry
    Rottenberry replied to the thread Requirements.
    They were in a super detailed park with a ton of foliage etc. They were also saying throughout the live stream how hot it was in the room so that would've been a factor also.
  • J
    JoshSA92 replied to the thread Tapirs mentioned?.
    Yes, the animal list sheet did say Tapir.
  • N
    NCFCpaul replied to the thread PvP advice.
    @Melanthes thank you for the advice, seems a really good idea, putting together a Vulture would be easy and cheap- sounds fun too
  • GonzoTheMalificent
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    Well you have to mine 500 units and provide 10 painite so head to a pristine metallic ring, would also suggest a detailed surface scanner so you can find the painite hot spots.
  • Para Handy
    Yes indeed there is no launch equipment so the probes just magically fire off from your location, leaving those trails and since they have no mass nor take up any space on your ship then you have an infinite supply of them. Yes that aspect is...
  • Raulrct
    Raulrct posted the thread CPU in General Discussion.
    Hi to all!! I am very passionate about Planet Coaster, as most of you will surely be, so I am going to sacrifice myself to buy at least one CPU that can run parks with the map almost complete. I don't ask to play in ultra, I just settle for...
  • GonzoTheMalificent
    LOL - you have a long wait for that. I was referring to the Pilot's Authority Starting area - one of the stations (Mawson Dock) in Dromi system sits over a planetary ring that is lit to be a brilliant gold.
  • GonzoTheMalificent
    Your credits will be replenished in a couple of missions. I would recommend starting again, even if just to enjoy the golden planetary rings at one of the noob-zone stations (Mawson Dock in Dromi) - quite spectacular.
  • A
    alexzk replied to the thread The Quest To Find Raxxla.
    Hm, I'm flying a-b-g-d planets for "rift mystery" and well, new FSS just see it without need to decode beacons or whatever. Can it be it will see raxxla too or dw station? :)
  • N
    NCFCpaul reacted to Melanthes's post in the thread PvP advice with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    I've always improved the fastest when working with restrictions. For example I think the kraits aren't the best ships for getting better, since the "two pips in engine permaboost" doesn't force you to improve your pip management at all. The same...
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