1. Pixelated Sparkster

    Playing the main campaign mode in 2019.

    Hello Everyone! We just passed the first year anniversary of JWE, and with patch 1.8.3 out I went ahead and replayed the main campaign all over again since the game first came out. I will be writing down my experience here in the discussion so that the devs and community members could get an...
  2. aries_four

    Everybody's wondering, what's next?

    Okay so the beyond Chapter 4 update came out and it was awesome, Frontier had their 25th Anniversary, DW2 is now well under way, and we're a month into 2019. We're all itching to know what's next. Something is next, right?
  3. aries_four

    Non-landable planets showing resources? A hint?

    So I'm sure a bunch of you have noticed that non-landable planets (water worlds, molten planets, gas giants) showing resources. This is making me think we may get the first atmospheric landings in 2019. I know its idle speculation, but this is promising!
  4. Old Duck

    Space Legs as an alternative to the SRV

    In case you haven't been following, there's been numerous threads in the console forums about the bug that causes a crash to "desktop" when multiple SRVs gather together in the same instance (thankfully this has been announced as fixed). It is very clear that a large number of players see the...
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