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Brett C

Welcome to the Frontier forums!

Our aim here on the Frontier forums is to create a community where our fans can post between one another and communicate with the Frontier team.

To ensure that our community forums are a safe, friendly, and enjoyable platform, please adhere to the following community guidelines.

The volunteer moderation team is here to ensure that the forums are a safe and friendly environment. The moderation team will take actions necessary in accordance to the forum rules and guidelines. If you feel that a moderation action was taken against you incorrectly, please see the final post to dispute your issues/claims.

Please note that the volunteer moderators are permitted to 'get involved' in a debate or discussion on our forums. However, once they get involved to a thread, they've been advised to not actively moderate it due to a possible conflict of interest.

Brett C

1) Respect per-forum rules.

Please be mindful of forum-specific guidelines.

Per-forum rules are rules set forth by the moderation or community team to be adhered to when posting to a particular section of the forums.

This also includes rules set forth by the moderation team or administration of the forums to specific threads.

Please note that polls are not permitted.

2) No Flaming, trolling, harassment, and/or badgering.

To ensure that the forums are a pleasant environment for everyone, we do not permit our forums to be used for personal attacks, and/or harassment of others.

Posts that are meant to bait, harass, and/or troll/flame people are not permitted.

3) There is a Zero-Tolerance policy on the content of...

  • Pornographic, erotic, lewd material,
  • illegal (eg; warez, pirated) software, cheating or hacking (be it websites or game services/client),
  • trademarked / copyrighted content that does not belong to you,
  • discriminatory, racist, sexist, or offensive content,
  • references to drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal substances.
  • If Frontier or the volunteer moderation team deem content to be sensitive, or if it is in dispute from the owner of the content.
This includes content linking to 3rd party websites that contain such content.

4) Impersonation or harassment of other members, moderators, or employees of Frontier is not permitted.

We do not allow the Impersonation of other members, moderators, or employees of Frontier on the Frontier Forums.

This also includes backseat / sideseat moderating. Please allow our moderators to do the moderating.

5) Avoid Spamming, or off-topic replies.

Spam is defined as posting content to the forums that is completely irrelevant to the forum or thread. For example, gibberish or mindless bumping.

Please avoid deliberately disruptive content such as back-to-back posts, posts that are significantly off topic, or continuous replies to posts in a short period of time.

6) Do not post personal, sensitive, or confidential information

We do not permit the disclosure of such material on the Frontier forums.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Posting of Emails,
  • Posting of Private Messages,
  • Doxxing of any type.

7) English Only Posts.

All posts on the forums are to be made in English - unless designated by a particular forum section.

8) Refrain from bumping or hijacking threads.

The occasional bumping of threads are permitted. However, please mindful that doing this too often could be considered spamming.

We do not permit threads to be hijacked on our forums with discussions unrelated to the ongoing discussion within a thread. Hijacking a thread is defined by injecting content to a discussion that does not correlate to the current discussion.

9) Do not evade the swear / profanity filter.

This is a family friendly forum; we would appreciate against the usage of swearing or masked swearing.

Intentionally evading the filter will result in moderation to your posted content to comply with our community guidelines.

10) Do not advertise non-Elite Dangerous related websites.

We do not permit the forums to be used as a medium for publishing, spamvertising, or advertising non-Frontier related products.

If you have a fan site for Elite Dangerous, you’re more than welcome to put it in your signature, as a signature picture, or as your avatar.

You are welcome to discuss 3rd party products and other company products within our off-topic forum section.

11) You are one person; you are allowed one forum account.

Additional accounts will result in all additional accounts to be terminated.

Please refrain from sharing your forums account; it is linked to your Frontier account and profile.

If you need to setup a secondary account, such as a lore-related or news-posting only account, please email for permission.

12) Do not contest/discuss a moderation action in public.

Moderator actions aren’t always correct; if you feel that a moderation action was performed against you incorrectly, please see the final post on how to appeal. Openly posting about a moderation action upon you or others on the forums will not be permitted.

13) No naming and shaming or witch-hunting

We do not permit our forums to be used as a medium to name and shame, or to witch-hunt other people in our games.

Appealing A Moderation Action

To appeal a moderation action against you, email Harassment and threat emails sent to us will be ignored.

Posting about it on the forums as a thread or reply to a thread is not a valid method to initiate an investigation on whether or not the moderation action performed was correct.

Brett C

Avatar & Username Policy

Avatar Policy
  • Maximum size of any person's avatar can be no more than 1MB.
  • There is no maximum size in pixels of your uploaded avatar - the forums will always create four variants of it: small / thumbnail, avatar, large, original.
    • A logical size is around 400x400 pixels.
  • Your avatar can be animated.
  • Avatars may not contain content that would be in violation of the forum rules or Terms of Service.
  • Avatars that rapidly flash/strobe, rapidly change color, or are generally distracting will be removed (deleted from the forums).
  • Avatars impersonating employees of Frontier or of the moderation team is not permitted.
    • Usage of the Frontier Logo, Elite Logo or other associated Frontier games is permitted as your avatar, so long as you do not make your posts appear as they are officially posted by Employees of Frontier or the moderation team.

Username Policy

Choose a username that is suitable around an ESRB rating of an "E for Everyone" game. Please avoid usernames of the following…
  • Offensive names.
  • Leet-speak names.
  • Names that would be in violation of the forum rules and guidelines.
General Username Notes
  • All user names can have spaces, underscores, and dashes to separate or split up phrases.
  • Try to refrain from using clan, guild, or group tags in your username.
  • Choose a username that will suit you here.
  • You can change your forums username via your user control panel if you input a username not to your liking.
    • You can change your forum username a total of six times.
    • Once you reach six user name changes, you will not be permitted to change it again.
  • All usernames are subject to the forum rules and terms of services.
Usernames found to be in violation will be required to change their name upon email, customer support ticket, or private message / conversation notice. If no suitable replacement name is given within a staff or moderator's advisory window via PM, ticket or email, the forum administration reserves the right to modify, change your username to something more suitable, or suspend the forum account until a suitable name is given.
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Brett C

Signature and Avatar Policies

Forum Signature Policy
  • If no images are used, Signatures may be no more than five lines of text.
  • Signatures are permitted a simple image.
  • Images uploaded can be animated.
  • Maximum file size of the image can be no more than 250KB (0.25MB).
  • Maximum height of an image allowed: 200 pixels.
  • Maximum width of an image allowed: 650 pixels.
  • Note that the usage of the Quote BB Code is three lines of text. You're like better to copy paste text, linking to the source material.
  • The maximum characters of text allowed in signatures is 2,500. This includes BBCode.
Signatures with a signature image:
  • If your signature has an image of 51 to 200 pixels tall... You are permitted to have up to two lines of text above, below, or around the image.
  • If your signature has an image of 1 to 50 pixels tall... You are permitted to have up to four lines of text above, below, or around the image.
  • If you do not use an image in your signature... You are permitted to use all five lines for text input.
  • Additionally, if you wish to empower the usage of the table BBCode tag... you're welcome to use two columns, with one row. Then, put the image into one of the cells and the text of your signature into the other cell. See the demo below.
If you use a table, with text on the left, and an image on the right (or the opposite way around), you may use up to five lines of text and the image in the other column.

With your signature picture on the left side, you would use something like this....
    [td] [img][/img] [/td]
    [td] some awesome text here. [/td]
With your signature picture on the right side, you would use something like this....
    [td] some awesome text here. [/td]
    [td] [img][/img] [/td]
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