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  • Hawk of Battle
    Impossible to dodge them all forever, better to learn to skim past them, though I can't honestly say I ever encountered any star system that produces that much heat that it becomes dangerous, unless you're flying way too close. Even flying clean...
  • SMcA
    SMcA replied to the thread Hyperspace graphic.
  • Asp Explorer
  • Retropolitan
    Oh, no, I'd hate to see that fixed. I had all kinds of fun once as I watched a limpet slowly wiggle across my canopy because it believed it could fly right through the thing. It's worth any number of lost limpets to see that happen.
  • LanceLord
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    She used to play Skyrim a lot back on the Xbox one when it first came out...same with the original red dead. I've got both of those in my Xbox game library already, same as she has on her old Xbox account. She lost interest for a few years but...
  • LanceLord
    I'm actually downloading this now. Totally reworked and more varied generation and they even added the Dune worms? Yesssssss.
  • LanceLord
    Excellent. If she's playing PC platform, be sure that she 1. AVOIDS downloading ANYTHING from Bethesda's doxxing bug infested forum like the plague. Then 2. Have her head to the source where the real modding community hangs out (some 99.9999%...
  • Esvandiary
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    Ehm… when I woke up this morning I didn't expect having to explain where tadpoles come from. 😳
  • Esvandiary
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    Balancing and stacking toads is a harder business than getting an AI entity to not stand and t-pose on a chair by the simple expedient of removing said AI entity from the game completely - yet here we see it amply demonstrated and perfectly...
  • B
    Boogbutspaceboog replied to the thread The Winter Manifesto.
    its all tyranny, oppression of the people, we need to tear it all down and work our way back up, bootlickers and tyrants will not be tolerated.
  • Esvandiary
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    Backers are willing to belive anything as long as it means the dream will come true. PS: They don't understand software development.
  • DJFridge
    That sounds fun. How do I find Ram Tah?
  • BradHann
    BradHann replied to the thread Federal Corvette How 2 hull?.
    Posting this so's I can remember in the future: I think I'll go with Reactive with Thermal/Layered, giving me a nice balance of resistances, and fill out with HRPs with Heavy Duty/Deep Plate for raw health. How many of the latter, I'll have to...
  • Basyan
    Basyan replied to the thread Вопросы новичка.
    Так может поэтому в другой ветке и сетование на "пустые" системы. Если в системе никто не бывал, то бибиканье показывает количество тел. Но они не отображаются пока не просканены. Если не в пределах 1000 секунд. Мож гоню касательно правой панели...
  • Silaz
    Silaz replied to the thread Is the Type 10 broken or just bad?.
    Same with my mining Corvette. I just slow to a stop, thrust up or make sure I'm going under 60-70m/s. Collectors are fine, it's just prospectors. Wish FD would fix this problem. Or maybe it's supposed to be a feature?
  • ECity
    ECity replied to the thread Star Citizen Discussion Thread v12.
    New patch to Evocati:
  • Tennozan
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    Thank you Cmdrs for your help. I think it may be because I have a sector which requires an “unknown permit” between me and home. Looks like I’ll be taking the scenic route home. See ya later alligator. Lol
  • Stealthie
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    It would help if Limpets weren't as dumb as they are currently. The amount of times I've had collectors dying when there's a fast spinning asteroid nearby...
  • Oldviboy
    When deep mining started and opals were the most expensive material, I remember seeing everything full of asteroids with cracks every 1 or 2 kilometers, in hotspots without being superimposed. Then the diamond went up at crazy prices and it was...
  • A
    Пайнит дабл спот. Майнить лазером, 2.5 лимпета на 1 лазер ставить, ну 3. При 2 к 1 будешь перекуривать. Все в игнор, кроме пайнита. Примерно за 7 часов нонстоп копания, продавания по 800к всего етого и покупки тритиума за 45к выходит полная баржа...
  • Moritz Norman
    You mean clueless missions? When I received the message from Ram Tah I was excited to have some story content in the game but I quickly realized that it was another clueless content that needs "Google" instead of in game tools to be solved. So...
  • Mole HD
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    Markarth! Very excited by this. Looks like that the famous city of Western-most Skyrim has been recreated very faithfully, although it will be a very different place to what we saw in...
  • Moritz Norman
    Sol is a different sort of lock and a much longer standing one than the changes to permits made in 2.4 It has an expansion-and-conflict lock which prevents any faction (PMF or otherwise) getting in, and prevents conflicts between factions...
  • Mr T
    Mr T replied to the thread Is the Type 10 broken or just bad?.
    If you suddenly speed up in the Cutter you'll kill the prospector but that will happen in most ships. If you stay at a constant steady pace it should be fine as long as you're not going too fast (ie. 200m/s)
  • Moritz Norman
    You don’t. But the cause is unjust, we are the faction currently RPing SOVMS and we like things the way are, Hutton maintain the system leaving us free to carry out our ministrations. Surely we get a say in this?!
  • Mole HD
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    This is the benchmark Odyssey will have to live up to. No complaining about "cartoon graphics". NMS make no bones that the game is about Legs, not Space.
  • Mole HD
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    It is quite odd, I've visted a handful of bodies today, ignoring my 'home' system which is an odball one anyway, (it has been 'toned down' a little) the new systems I've visited have been more 'believable' than previously, the one from the video...
  • Mole HD
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    I've got to admit. I was a day 1 purchaser of NMS and was incredibly disappointed after around 10 hours of playing. I would check it out a little after each update, but didn't put much real time into it. I started a fresh save a couple weeks ago...
  • milligna
    milligna replied to the thread I do not understand..
    Jesus Christ, I feel like I lost IQ points trying to read that.
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