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    Hi cmdrs Well then. After yesterday's fiasco with the cat jumping on my keyboard and causing my python to crash into something while I popped out to help the misses I hoped I wouldn't have such a tragedy any time soon... Oh I spoke to soon...
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    Peer 2 Peer, there's not much else to know, the data in a P2P setup, in this case combat between two players, is transferred directly between each player, so I can use any one of hundreds of pieces commonly used software to find out your IP...
  • War Eagle
    Not quite sure what to call this one?
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    Why you ask? Well, not only are they just a pain in the backside, they're one of the main reason combat often takes place in the middle of nowhere. We've got all this cool stuff to fly around, yet apart from Res sites, all combat is done in...
  • M
    This isn't an exhaustive answer, but some quick numbers: Out of 165,910 ELWs on record: ELWs orbiting "ABCD" (or more) stars, containing that specific partial string (but not "BCDE", for instance) etc: 219 ELWs orbiting "BCDE"+ is 53 ELWs...
  • M
    No need, what you' ve provided here is great, thanks! So it's fairly rare then (a waterworld AND ELW in the same system that are both ABCD must be even rarer). When I get to a station (whenever that'll be) and submit it I'll post it on this thread.
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    Sounds great I'll have to try it some time...
  • Kaocraft
    Or we can just go back to the original game design and get rid of the mini-game, so that interdictions always succeed. Maybe pair that with a more dynamic and volatile supercruise flight model and you could have some interesting chases and...
  • X2611
    Just fly full speed toward station and activate Super Criuse assist at 0.03 seconds (bind button to 75% throttle). Irritating, worthless pirate problem solved.
  • Threeofseven
    As a pirate, how am I supposed to rob you if I cannot destabilize your warp bubble and force you to drop into normal space??
  • Alpenniless
    Alpenniless replied to the thread Lan Cable Not Connected.
    I spoke too soon. The error came back after few hours playing the game. I google this issues, seems some PS4 Pro users also having similar issues with other games. For now I'm reverting back to WIFI till maybe I go for another test using another...
  • GJ51
    Gotta love it - especially once you get used to taking advantage of the fast yaw speed. It really is a good mats hunter and smuggler as well.
  • fireusi
    This topic was MOVED from the COMMUNITY GOAL section of the forums with out any reason why as i thought it would be a GREAT IDEA !!!!!
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    A few shots from getting my engineering grind on...
  • Agony_Aunt
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    They talked about the possibility during the early days and haven't said they won't do it, so its probably still on the cards at some point.
  • GJ51
    The only caveat to using it as an explorer is that it will be a bit warmer than the classic exploration ships. Anyone using it should spend some time fuel scooping around the bubble to be sure they know how to avoid heat damage. Anyone not sure...
  • Agony_Aunt
    Won't be a game changer. It will just be another ship that can haul more than anything else. It will still be hauling.
  • Faded Glory
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    The OP is not talking about that mess of an idea of FD's that is non-inclusive and ultimately a waste of time and resources IMO. Instead, they are actually referring to something that is more inclusive and will have utility for both PvP and PvE...
  • Agony_Aunt
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    PvP, if it works (which I still doubt), would act as a crutch for PP where the crutch is actually better than the legs. Which is what feels so utterly wrong as it helps at best to obfuscate the need to actually and fundamentally improve PP...
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    TDF replied to the thread Missing hot spots.
    I know, I was in analysis mode. I worked just fine at an other planet. The rings were scanned and all worked well. Hotspots show up bright yellow and red. Do you need to rescan the rings when you return to them?
  • Athum
    No, i have to admit that it does appear with what i've seen here and elsewhere that Spacelegs does seem to be a very distinct possibility and im not adverse to the all. There have also been threads pointing out changes in game that...
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    I arrived two days ago after a long few months on this expedition. It was worth the trip and the long nights jumping from star to star, enjoying beautiful views and interesting locations, also nearly dying at The View (F to those who died due to...
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    I got dragged into this expedition with only 29 hours or so in the game. It was kicking and screaming, and neither I , nor my wingmates expected me to make it even close. But here I am. Over the entire expedition I received a crash course in...
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    Cmdr Antivenom #5487 Anaconda 'Grosse Freitheit' 3XT-DW Arrival at Beagle Point: 26.05.3305 What an incredible experience, Thank you to all to make this come true o7
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    Just arrived today, 26th May. Cmdr Campbell-Clelland (Simon) in the Conda, Nostalgia for Humanity (304-DW) Thanks for Cmdr Watcher who was there at the time and guided me in with a helpful beacon. I couldn't quite keep up with the bulk of the...
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    I arrived at Beagle Point on 18 May. I took some video of the visit, which I have yet to process. Here are some pictures from when I moved on. Beagle Point, Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0, seen from Ceeckia BT-F d12-1. The Milky Way is a fuzzy line in the...
  • Erimus Kamzel
    Arrived 26 May 2019 CMDR Logan Darklighter Roster #7987 Ship: Anaconda class, Azhanti High Lightning Member: Hull Seals This community is amazing. The true sense of camaraderie and exploration is very real. There are only two game worlds and...
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    Oops, totally forgot to do this. Arrived at Beagle Point at 10th of May after a terrifying trip through the abyss with my 37ly Krait Phantom. Thanks to everyone involved in making DW2 possible, it's been a great journey!
  • Erimus Kamzel
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    Made it to Beagle Point late last night. A lot of IRL stuff meant I had to make the whole trip solo with the beautiful Route Guide as my only companion but an excellent trip nonetheless, with a great many firsts for me and memorable sights along...
  • N
    Pretty similar: Disappointed by the progress made towards the big 'roadmap' goals / paid DLCs Underwhelmed by the Seasonal delivery format Seeing it as a lesson learned in many respects, but still strangely ok with having 'helped' this odd...
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