1. Swizzy o7o7

    The Fix For Combat Logging (MENU LOG)

    The fix for menu combat logging (abusing the 15 second timer.)... is simple. Reset the timer to 15 seconds upon taking damage. If you are continuously ANY taking damage, your timer will remain at 15 seconds. This includes, but not limited to: -Any incoming player damage. -Any incoming NPC...
  2. Darth Tashnut

    Are the developers UNWILLING or UNABLE to fix or punish Combat Logging?

    At this point, being a combat pilot, Combat Logging is the most rampant problem in the game. In some cases I've had 8/10 players ungracefully exit and suddenly appear with full hull and ammo. Now my question, are the Frontier developers unwilling to fix this problem incase they lose players? Or...
  3. S

    Combat logging fix suggestion

    Look... we all know you can’t add a “disconnect” delay because that would lead to people flying into stations/planets/suns from buzz crashes. So I get it’s a tough fix, but here’s your fix. If someone combat logs, we should be able to contact FDev and say the person logged. You should be able...
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