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    Ships Alliance Chieftain, Challenger, Crusader builds for PvE combat

    I am looking to try my hand at some bounty hunting to start, and I am wondering if you fine folks could give me some suggestions for current builds for folks just starting out. That is to say, just stock equipment. No guardian or engineered stuff. I've not yet started unlocking those things...

    Buff the Alliance Crusader!

    After having spent a bit of time with the Alliance ships, i have come to realize that while they might not be very remarkable, being very comparable to Federal ones.. they are not BAD ships. The Chieftain has a really good blend of speed, agility and firepower, while the Challenger gets a good...

    The Alliance Crusader and Challenger deserve a rework.

    Even as someone who is not particularly a hardcore combat pilot, i can say for sure that i did observe the Alliance ships came and went without much fanfare at all. Since their release, i have barely met anyone who talks about them, hell, i think people barely even acknowledge they exist. And...
  4. T

    Ships ED Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide V2

    Hey guys I'm back with a Version two of the Crusader! I do like this version a lot more because it sports the extra fighter for multi crew and also gains shields strength two with not to many negatives. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions just post them in the comments and I'll try to...
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    Ships Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I made a video going over the new Alliance Crusader. It has gotten a lot of flak from recent reviews I've seen. Hopefully this video and my discussions of it clear some stuff up. I'm not saying this is the pvp ship in the game but it is a...
  6. D

    Ships I LOVE the Alliance Crusader

    Hi all, After reading all the hate posts about the Crusader I thought I give it a try. I kind of have a special love for the ugly ducks. I also liked the Type9 before the big buff and I still enjoy the Type10 as well. So long story short I fully engineered the Crusader and outfitted it for...
  7. Yamiks

    [Video] Chieftain VS Challenger VS Crussader

    VIDEO LINK HERE It's a rather sad advancement in Alliance...
  8. Yamiks

    [Video] Crusader "review"

    Alliance Crusader "REVIEW" (link here) ...soo what do you guys think of the ship?
  9. Conch

    Crusader specs?

    Are the specs for the crusader known?
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