elite dangerous bug

  1. N

    complain, does it work? clarification

    complain, does it work? clarification I saw a lot of posts from a lot of users on PC / console, just it's funny that console folks think we're having fun with Odyssey on PC when the truth has issues and sometimes can't be played, so some are have fun, others do not. Another problem is that...
  2. B


    Hola buenas, me he comprado en steam el elite dangerous y cuando lo ejecuto me sale en el launcher que necesita una actualización pero hago todo lo que ponen pero siempre me sigue saliendo lo mismo, no se que hacer. Muchas gracias.
  3. J

    Odyssey graphics bug

    Hello, everybody i have a little problem with Elite Dangerous Odyssey. When i come in to the game my graphics wont load correctly. I already tried checking if my files are corrupted wich didnt change anything and i also reinstalled the game but the bug wont go away. I dont have this problem when...
  4. G

    No time slot !!

    Hi, may I ask about the bug/issue with the carrier? If you want to make a jump, you need to select a system. But every time it say NO TIME SLOT - it's acting the same as NO FREE SLOT. But there are so many free slots... I would like to return to the bubble as soon as possible. And even with a...
  5. fireusi

    Bug in replacement of lost ship

    I got blown up in a Type 9 and i selected the type 9 to replace the ship i had lost and was given a sidewinder here is the clip i took while i was streaming the game on twitch so you can see for you selfs Source: https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantTenderTurtleEagleEye on the matter. I am also...
  6. A

    Newcomer / Intro Xbox One Update = Best Game EDver!

    So I'm back but this time its to admit that I may have spoken too soon. Last week this game sucked hard and was unplayable on the Xbox console. This week there was an update (update times can vary depending on timezones and locations) The bugs are gone and everything is slightly better. Graphics...
  7. A

    Newcomer / Intro Best worst game on xbox one.

    Can no longer reply to my own thread because I was trolled out and finally gave in replying to the troll and now im blocked from it despite having reported him multiple times. What a stupid rule that is. SO back to what I was saying about this game. Its awful and there are a million reasons why...
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