1. The Black Pearl

    How to claim a star?

    So I came across a system while exploring and noticed the first explorer missed two stars. I've scoured the web searching for a way to claim them all i find is using a DSS in a planet and turning in the data first, claims a planet. Yet unless my games broke, the DSS doesn't work in stars. I flew...
  2. Old Duck

    EDSM and First Discoveries

    I'm on PS4, so please forgive my ignorance (and feel free to move this to whatever subforum it belongs in). I've discovered and mapped all sorts of exciting things since I started playing, many systems surprisingly close to the Bubble, but these are not in EDSM due to the lack of integration...
  3. Old Duck

    First Discoveries In The Age Of The CODEX

    I was originally going to call this "Carrier Pigeon Limpets" with the idea of giving us a new limpet to allow explorers to send exploration data back to civilization from deep space in order to get First Discovery & Map tags (but not payment) without having to come back to the Bubble, when it...
  4. T.J.Kirk

    Roster for First Discovery

    Hi, Question !!! But a Roster for CMDR in First Discovery exist ? I've try search in the web or in frontier, but to me appear no exist. CMDR Kirk
  5. Bionic Bytes

    Impossible passenger mission quantities

    I've just noticed that the passenger missions being offered at Jameson Memorial are bugged in my opinion. The ones of interest are transporting first class passengers. Missions are asking for 54 First class seats - a task that's near impossible. Taking the best passenger liner out there - the...
  6. J

    2 things that Frontier should fix in the game

    Let's start with this: I loved this game, omg I am having so much fun, to me it's an easy 9/10, it's simply the game I was expecting it to be. But there are 2 things that I simply don't understand why they are not in the game. 1- Possibility to see the park from the eyes of the guests. This is...
  7. S

    How do i get first contact with Aliens

    Hi After watching Obsidian Ants video on Arrival - The Alien Story he mentions that in January 3303 the first encounter occurred with a Cyclops Interceptor, in Paledies sector. The Cyclops uses EMP to disable the ship and then leave. I really want...
  8. M

    Could we keep original "First Discovered by" names when system is finally settled?

    I (Rovaniemi Koivula my main CMDR) happened to stumble on a system named Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 on my way back from Colonia to Bubble (when taking part to that Colonia expansion CG to try and get my corporation there). It looked such lovely system in just lovely place nicely between bubble and...
  9. wilcox

    Thargoids - Deadly First Contact

    My personal First Contact with the Thargoids end after the third Time lethal... fly safe
  10. Arowx

    AMD Mantle Support?

    AMD and DICE have just announced a new graphics API called Mantle it aims to reduce the CPU overhead and improve graphics performance with 9x draw calls per frame reported. ED Mantle support?
  11. S

    The FFED3D Thread

    UPDATE: Download for current version here: Official Russian pack. FFE D3D (1.12b+) (v.1: 04nov2009) 150Mb: NEW DL Link - 3 part archive 24/05/2011 This looks like something...
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