force shell

  1. F

    PvP L'Eggo my EggOmont - Part of a balanced breakfast!

    YouTube Video _ _ Today on MEGA is the META: Scharnhorst comes under attack From 13th Legion. Who will prEvail? _ _ Scharnhorst Vette build used in the video: (Scharnhorst will be renamed to Prinz Eugen soon.) _ _ Song(s) used in the video: Kubbi / Compass...
  2. Morbad

    Engineers Meta Discussion Force Shell - Stacking & Deminishing Returns

    Originally, force shell and other impulse attacks stacked completely linearly and had no caps on ultimate effectiveness. Back in the Engineers beta through the first half of 2.1 some of my favorite loadouts utilized several force shell cannon to great effect, but this was short lived. With the...
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