1. Factabulous

    Community guests at FD HQ on 27th for Q4 news

    "Today is one of those exciting days that you hear about from time to time! We've got a small group of community guests coming to see some of the pre-alpha Chapter 4 content we've been working on, before the beta rolls out "soon"." https://twitter.com/edwardclewis/status/1045232958410551297...
  2. SanctusLupus

    Did we over-hype? Honest announcement trailer brerakdown (Jurassic World Evolution)

    https://youtu.be/nuP_3bcPmL8 SHAWNASAUR Makes some good points as this trailer hyped all of us up and hoping that this was the foundation of what was coming. I see now looking at this trailer after playing the game. It seems many compromises were made. Looking back at this trailer, the game...
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