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  1. ImagineerTim

    Roller Coasters Buzz Lightyear's Flight [Indoor Coaster] ✨🚀

    As I'm a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I've started to built an indoor roller coaster themed to Buzz Lightyear! Here are the first impressions:
  2. ImagineerTim

    Roller Coasters Christmas Flight {Indoor Rollercoaster}

    It's Christmas! Christmas Flight takes you away into the nightsky! Ride along Santa above mountains and landscapes... I hope to finish construction soon!
  3. S

    Roller Coasters Space Race - Indoor Coaster

    Hi, here is an indoor coaster, maybe for little theme parks or bigger funfairs. Because of the piece limitation I had to upload the park file: Here is the additional media/music...
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