1. Orbitalai

    Steam Launcher does not have room for start button!!

    Hey, I use ED through Steam on PC. The launcher has started to not have room for the start button and cannot be resized. My monitor is FullHD 1080p. My windows desktop text scale is 100% (default is 150%). It only happens after I have had ED running as fullscreen. When I initially start the...
  2. A

    PC Gamer review confirms what we feared

    I am actually quite sad that the legitimate fear that many of us had of the game not delivering in the management department has come true. The review in PC Gamer calls Planet Zoo out for being either exhaustingly over-taxing in management when you do career or franchise mode or being dull if...
  3. B

    Cannot Launch Horizons

    Hello I have over 2200 hours in ED (with Horizons). A few weeks ago I reinstalled Win 7 x64, installed all (latest) drivers, Steam, all my games - everything. After not having played ED for several weeks, I fire it up only to find that 1) the launcher now takes absolute ages to open, and 2) I...
  4. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  5. W

    Is it still possible to launch SRV into space from "Mt Neverest"?

    There's a huge mountain on Nervi A 3 that allows players to launch their SRV into space, as its peak extends further than the orbital cruise line. I've seen several on reddit comments saying this has been "nerfed", so is it not possible to launch SRVs into space from there anymore? And does...
  6. StefanOS

    Einsteigerhilfe: Docking Turtorial

    Hier der Link zum FD Docking Turtorial
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