1. LutzBY

    And again about cockpit illumination

    I know that community been asking for years for ability to turn off or dim cockipt lights, and i want to bring that topic up again. These bright lights are especially bad in VR, in bright cabins of imperial ships, and some of fancy delacy ones. (pic related) What especially disturbs me - is...
  2. Mayza88

    Lights Preview please

    One thing that I loved in planet coaster was the fact that when you wanted to place down a street light/lamp, it previewed how it would light up the area. Now you have to place it down before it lights up. This makes it harder to plan where to put the lights and I always have to place it down...
  3. FalconFly

    Will the Cobra Engine ever reach DirectX 8? (multiple Light souces)

    Just leaving this awkward shot here : ("nothing to see here" - a Geological Site on a Planet in total darkness - despite two (!) Suns being only 56-60Ls away. The main star that's giving the Planet light & shadow btw. is 549Ls distant at this point. Notably, only the Ship Paint correctly...
  4. A

    Astronomy and optics wins! Incorrect skybox color tint is finally slated for fixing.

    Before you will grab pitchforks - this whole discussion is about skybox only! The tinting applied to any local system objects like planets, stations, ship interiors - is fine, looks really great, and will not be touched! I know (from monitoring forum) that considerable amount of players were...
  5. D

    CQC One of the maps in CQC is too RED #Lighting changes

    The recent lighting changes have also been applied to CQC... However, one of the maps is now far too RED (and yellow)... It causes a few issues... One is that it is very hard on the eyes to see the yellow reticle on semi-fixed weaponry such as plasma repeater and cannons. The other issue is...
  6. Cherry Crumpets

    [Request] Cockpit lighting

    Hello I'm sure it has been asked before for many times, but is it possible to make the cockpit lights brightness adjustable, just like the HUD brightness? Or make the function to switch interior lights off completely (if the light nodes aren't actually imbedded in the ship's interior mesh)...
  7. ebbrell

    Cockpits are bright can we have light switch

    Python cockpit is fine, the light level is nice. Other ships like corvette are to bright when flying, especially with new lighting. Can we have either a switch to lower the light levels like a low set dimmer, or can the lights dim when engine started. And lights come on brighter when engine...
  8. Buur

    Community Event / Creation Side by Side BETA and LIVE comparison video - new lighting is amazing

    I found this fascinating to make - hope you enjoy it. Its a side by side showing off the BETA lighting changes (with nightvision where appropriate) compared to the current LIVE build.
  9. Old Duck

    Please Consider A Prerendered Shadow Algorithm For Static / Slow-Moving Objects (Console Version)

    Hello developers at Frontier. As I'm sure you know, I'm dissatisfied with the current shadow quality on the PS4, but I might have a solution for at least certain assets like orbital and planetary outposts, terrain self-shadowing, etc. Many games, No Man's Sky and Elder Scrolls Online being two...
  10. Babaa Yaga

    Lighting Change at Titan's Daughter

    Don't know if this is a thing or not but I went out to Titan's Daughter looking to get a screen capture of my Chieftain (The Dream Sublime) in the purple glow. I got there and the lighting wasn't purple like I have seen in other "selfies" was regular white. Does anyone know what's up with...
  11. John Guevara

    Suggestion: not so shiny Dashboard in Imp. Cutter

    please set the Dashboard of the Imperial Cutter not so shiny, or set the HUD background darker or more opaque. it is very difficult to see the content in my panel. my HUD color theme Settings: thanks!
  12. Dahill

    A simple thing...

    Can we please have navigation and strobing position lightsl? A very simple addition to add to the immersion and express the true volume of traffic when you drop into an instance.
  13. G

    Feature request: orbiting light suite for extra lighting options on camera suite.

    Sometimes I would really appreciate an extra set of lights when I am using the external camera suite, say for example I am in the shadow of a planet, or I don’t want to rotate my ship to cast the given ambient light. Some orbital lights on a slider would be really cool, especially if I could...
  14. Uncoupledlight9

    Ship lights

    As with many threads on here, apologies if this has been suggested previously..... It would be nice if a stronger ship light setting could be considered which would make flying through rings on the dark side of a planet amongst other things slightly easier. SRVs currently have 3 settings, so to...
  15. afreeflyingsoul

    Cockpit Dome Lights off switch (not the HUD)

    Hi FD, Please let us turn off the background lights in the cockpits of our ships. Not the HUD (though a dimmer option would be nice) and not the gamma adjustment. I'm referring to the cabin lights. Let me be clear, I'm not asking for these lights to go away, I just want to turn them off...
  16. yeehi

    P1828: IEEE Standards in Elite Dangerous

    I wonder if the programming team at Frontier Developments are aware of and have attempted to implement the standards of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Virtual World Standard Working Group (P1828), or even been contributing. The goal of the standards is summarized...
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