1. C

    Hot Spot Nerfing

    Nerfing the hot spots needed to happen, but not the way it was done. Reducing the frequency of cores and SSDs just means there’s less to do while mining as now there is a lot more flying around trying to find good rocks. Rather then reducing the frequency, reduce the fragment count of cores and...
  2. T


    I just lost 500t of cargo to some dumb Cobra (AI) who melted me and my Type-9. Waste of my time, this game. Please explain to me how something so small can destroy my A rated ship in such a short time. Also he asked for cargo, like 1t so i gave him it, after which he asked for more, and then...
  3. norlin

    LTD mining is overpowered and it kills all other activities

    Hey FDevs, The LTD mining is way too overpowered and it renders all other activities to be mostly useless from the in-game perspective. Right now there are two different issues with mining: 1. Respawn bugs on re-login and even when flying away (~25km) on a launched fighter (while the ship is...
  4. A

    LTD sell price nerfed JUST for ME.

    Went mining In a wing. Filled several boats up to max and went to Dakvar to sell. All my wings, and everyone else in system sold for LTD for the go,price of betwern 1.5 and 1.6 million/ton. I was offered 434K. i quit the game and restarted no change. Exited the system and returned no change...
  5. G-Dubya

    Boraan triple hotspot depleted?

    Has fDev fiddled with the spawn ratio of LTD asteroids located in Boraan? I am there now and have been mining a couple of hours and am only yielding 1 LTD rock every 8 propectors and that rock always has below 20% LTD content
  6. Cyanidex

    Newcomer / Intro About LTD mining

    Hello everyone. I wonder, 1. Which mining style is the best/fastest for LTD. Core or laser ? 2. Im core miner, sometimes I do optimal yield successfully but when asteroid explodes it says optimal yield range exceeded and poor fragment. WHY ?! 3. You know there is a Surface Deposits that we...


    just hit the jackpot.. piracy does compensate xD
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