1. C

    hi we are a mercenary sqaudron lookinf for members

    Hello, I’m Cigey! I want to introduce you to a mercenary faction focused on providing relevant services in exchange for credits, commodities, and favors. We need an intel division as well as a pvp strike team leader. If interested join:
  2. Z

    (Idea) How to save your crew member

    So I had a strange accident happen the other day.. I showed this to frontier and they have offered to not only refund my rebuy, but also save my crew member. Again, thank you so much for this frontier! (It's so hard to find a decent looking crew member!) While...
  3. Vermithrax

    Flight Stick Set-up

    SO I have a SpeedLink Black Widow Flight stick, bought the game today and realistically I would not like to use mouse and keyboard straight out because I want to learn this first... For some reason, my stick isn't being picked up in the bindings screen. Any start up help would be greatly...
  4. Skullface360

    Hardware & Technical Saitek x52 series Q&A (and general discussion thread) Got a issue? Look in here first.

    I have a Saitek X52 pro set up and I'm having trouble customizing the controller to get the throttle correctly. For instance, I move the thrust stick forwards and back to what I believe is the correct settings in the customization area but switching from front to back it seems it erases the...
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