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    The most important management points of the game relies on false mechanics (or no mechanics at all).

    This game is very disapointing. I came to play to Planet Zoo despite the bad reputation of the previous frontiers games because this opus appears to have good review on the management side. But after playing several dozen of hours, I finally figure out that a BIG portion of the management system...
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    A Rant on Post patch instability.

    This is getting beyond the point of now. Wanted ships putting fat bounties on my head, NPC's that are so retarded you can trick them into suicide, a ist of BUGS so damn long it would fill a cathedral, terrible multiplayer connection and utterly inane content. The saving grace of this Beyond...
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    Guardian Weapons need a buff

    I think that the guardian weapons in general are far too weak, especially in general combat. As a rule of thumb, damage from guardian weapons should be easily superior to their normal counterparts in both AX and normal combat in order to make the whole process of getting them actually worth it...
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