1. ebbrell

    Additional medium pads on outposts

    Could you add at least 1 more medium landing pad to outposts. Currently they have 2 small and 1 medium pads, most cmdrs use medium size ships at outposts. Very often we a few of us sit waiting for a cmdr to leave a pad I do a lot of bgs work and I often see fellow squadron members at the same...
  2. Old Duck

    Low Orbit Outposts

    Most stations and outposts I've been to have been in very high orbit, but I'd like to visit an outpost that's in low (and fast in relation to the ground) orbit like our own ISS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnTsIVYxYkc I prefer an outpost so I can sit on the landing pad and watch the...
  3. Kleckerklotz

    Concept proposal - COLONIZATION - Community created outposts

    This idea has a complexity which could be part of a new DLC. It would require quite a lot of assets and balancing. But I feel confident it has a huge potential to create more identification and emersion for players with the world they act in. Here's the idea (note: every letter in quotation...
  4. Pakhuis1973

    Outpost removal of pirate markings after takeover

    It would be nice if the pirate logos on an outpost would disappear once it no longer belongs to an anarchy faction. Furthermore I think it would be nice to have more visual differences of any station depending on the government and allegiance, player group etc. Would love allegiances to smaller...
  5. C

    Utility ship

    To get past the problem of completing missions for outposts in large ships, I was thinking about the possibility of a utility ship which docks inside the larger ships. This ship could be used to transport goods from ship to station, even picking up ammo or fuel. With the help of my 6 year old...
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