palm trees

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    Delgus' Arecaceae Tree Pack

    Hello, I've just gotten back on track to create some more trees for PlanCo! So far I've upgraded all previous items on the workshop, bypassing the annoying height-restriction and fixing some lighting issues. So far I've published 15 objects, which is only the beginning: Chinese Windmill Palm...
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    General Gameplay Could we have 2 new tree brushes that divides the palm trees from the broadleaf trees?

    The current tree brush we have in the game uses the combined palm trees and broadleaf trees. If we were to tap it, we could get a few small trees that could be either one, but won't make a dense forest. To expand our options more, could we have 2 new brushes that will generate palms exclusively...
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    Buildings & Attractions add single palm tree to scenery in the game

    please add single palm tree to scenery in the game the player can make Palm Trees street line
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