1. R

    Player numbers dropped?

    Is anyone noticing a marked drop in players? Just noticed a convo in my player group's discord where the guy has tried a few groups and found people are quitting the game. My group is the same (I'm also on hiatus). I know we don't have official numbers but just wondered what others' anecdotal...
  2. amadeus1171

    When will the npc's stop cheating and play as cmdr's do?

    They've been doing this for a while and nothing has been done to rectify the situation. I mean, we can't jump with our hard points out while npc's certainly can. That's just one glaring example of npc's cheating. This one isn't cheating but it certainly is an annoyance. "Give way to larger...
  3. Crimson Kaim

    So, Q4 update should be the biggest update? Let's bet

    Since we already know that carriers won't be introduced and are delay to an indefinate amount of time later, I was wodnerign what else Q4 will present. Exploration and mining overhaul. This sounds actually promising with more tech and interesting gameplay rather than scan-scoop-jump and holding...
  4. Factabulous

    Community guests at FD HQ on 27th for Q4 news

    "Today is one of those exciting days that you hear about from time to time! We've got a small group of community guests coming to see some of the pre-alpha Chapter 4 content we've been working on, before the beta rolls out "soon"."
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