1. J

    Newcomer / Intro Full Spectrum System Scanner

    Hello, I want to use the FSSS, so I need to bind a key to open it (start it up) but I can't find where i should dot that. In the picture that i've send with tis post, you can see that it is not there were other people have found it. Please help :p Thanks in advance
  2. Eckee

    Endless Scout Spawn in NHSS Threat 4

    I don't know if this is a known behavior. I dropped out at this threat 4 NHSS and there were 2 Scouts and a Thargoid Sensor. I killed them and while I was picking up the mats 2 more Scouts had jumped in and they had kept spawning in pairs, regardless I killed them or not. At first I thought they...
  3. Entropy1024

    Finding scout missions

    I'm trying to find some Thargoid scouts to attack. I generally find them by going to systems close to attacked stations. Generally find them after a while. However is there a better way to find out where Thargoid scouts are? Cheers

    Still only 10.000cr for new thargoid scouts, seriously???

    I initially thought this was a bug and i asked the frontier help account on twitter once i realized that the entirely new, more dangerous thargoid scouts... do not provide any bigger combat bonds at all... and this is intended behavior. Seriously?? The arguably easy thargoid scouts of before...
  5. IcemanAJL

    Increase the Speed of certain medium ships

    As put in the title, I think several of the less used medium ships would benefit from a speed buff. Currently there are three medium ships that are dreadfully slow for their classification and purpose. Asp Scout: all that maneuverability means nothing when it can’t actually use it’s turning...
  6. Sloan4Prez

    Joignez-vous a une des plus entreprenantes factions [XBONE]

    Leviathan Scout Regiment Accueille les pilotes de tous niveaux de compétence et se spécialisant dans tous les aspects du jeu. Nous sommes une communauté principalement XBOX ONE, opérante en grande partie dans les fuseaux EST/MST/PST. Nos membres, ainsi que notre Conseil Militaire s'expriment...
  7. N

    Ship concept: Scorpion Scout & Explorer

    As we're supposedly going to get more for exploration soon. I'll toss out these ideas: Both of these ships look like flying screwdrivers, with long tails at the back. These tails provide mounting points for sensors, scanners, and other small stuff that doesn't have to be in the passenger...
  8. Wcscgw

    Ships Looking for a budget Combat ship

    I recently decided i wanted a dedicated Combat ship, as doing bounty hunting with my cobra mk3 isn't that effective (it can still work though). I have around 2,5 million to mess around with, but i can aquire more if needed. My current candidates are diamondback scout, keelback, viper 3 and 4. I...
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