1. Ram Paige

    [REQUEST] Tracking Limpets

    tl'dr When you gank a mob, hit the Type-9 (or whatever you want) with a Tracking Limpet, never losing track of the main pack! Basically been running a pile of PVE missions and I'll engage the first few ships from a mob but can never find the main pack again. When I pop into an instance, I can...
  2. Camisade

    Sensor Sensitivity and Gimbal Weapons

    I'm wondering if the "Just go with D-rated sensors" is a maxim applying more to the fixed-weapons crowd than those using gimbaled weapons. I'm wondering if gimbal tracking sensitivity might actually play a bigger role across sensor classes than we currently believe. This note will have little...
  3. Levent

    Newcomer / Intro Tracking Speed for Weapons?

    Is there anything like small weapons have better tracking speed so can easily track and hit small ships than bigger guns and let's say 4A multi-cannon can not hit SLFs (at least most of time)? (Like tracking speed of turrets in EVE)
  4. N

    Returning after two years, what's the current go-to for head tracking?

    What head-tracking options do you use, and how easy was it to set up? My wife isn't nearly supportive enough to let me get a VR headset, and my phone lacks a gryoscope so I can't use Riftcat. I was thinking of going with either EdTracker or TrackHat, but I'm not sure which out of those two is...
  5. Herbrand

    HTC Vive: "Base stations lost optical sync"

    After almost 2 years Vive'ing, since about a week, I am randomly getting this error message, contextually with a rebooting base station. Everything works well 95% of the time, then suddenly my screen goes grey for about ~10 seconds before tracking eventually resumes. This is preventing me from...
  6. earlyfang

    Bounty Hunters prey tracking (or squealer service for PVP)

    Simple thing. But let's give it a shape. A new service in (not all but many) stations, in wich we can track wanted starships... for a price. Inside Contacts we can find a new option, Bounty Informant (squealer), selling records. In this records we can see the location and time from last...
  7. loopedchris

    Dinosaur Computer Tracking

    I very much would love a system where you can see where the dinosaurs are at any given moment via a map. It could even have a search function! This feature could also let you know when an animal is missing or even have faults and cause problems! This idea is taken from the novel of Jurassic...

    Unclamp XYZ movement for Head-Track IR systems

    Why do you allow full range of movement for VR users but artificially restrain Head-Track IR? I've heard rumors that clipping issues are to blame... but you seem not to care about the clipping, headless character model, etc... when a VR user decides to get up and walk around the bridge of...
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