A feedback on a quality of life improvement.

first of all, kudos for the game! It is a very well made product which provides hours and hours of great playing experience.

After many hours of play, I collected several suggestions for quality of life improvements that, in my opinion, would make for an even smoother and more enjoyable play.
I am not a programmer, but I am pretty sure many of them are quite easy fix/additions, which do not alter at all the whole game structure and do not require too much effort to be implemented.
Here they are:

1 - Knight order in the barracks (!!!!)
This is the first and foremost since it actually drives me crazy and I really do not understand why it has been thought that way: why knights are constantly rearranged in the barracks screen and why there is no way to order them as desired.
The fact that they always appear in a different order is incredibly annoying, since every time you have to search for the guy you need. It would be incredibly easier if players had the option to adjust the position, so each one would arrange them in the order they prefer. Also, always having the same knight in the same position would reinforce memory and the speed of interaction on that screen would rocket up incredibly.

2 - 2D map during missions
Having a small 2D map of the overall mission playfield on a corner of the screen with mission objectives on it would be an amazing way to be able to locate them without the need to constantly scrolling on the main view.

3 - Skipping animations
The animations of the edict entering/leaving the warpspace are cool to see the first times, but after dozens and dozens of times, they just add time you do not like to the game experience. In the list of skippable animations I would also include the ones at the start of the mission: after playing for many hours missions start to cycle back, which this is ok, but having to listen to the mission description each time could easily be avoided.
The solution for both cases could easily be the same "keep space pressed to skip" used in longer storyline animations.

4 - Saving teams
The game is structured among several mission archetypes. After a while, players start to understand how the want to tackle each of them and, very often, they develop teams based on the kind of mission they face (seed, bloom, servitors, tentarus). Having the option to save four teams in the mission screen and be able to recall them with just a click would be a major improvement in the game flow. Maybe even adding the option to call those squads with code names, which would be actually supercool!

5 - The armory
The fact that you can only see you gear in the knights screen is odd: first because there is no way to have a general view of your armory and second because if you do not have a knight able to equip a specific item, you are not able to access it at all! Also, if you want to upgrade one of the items, you need to equip it first.
All of this could easily be fixed with a new screen accessed through the armory where you can see all your stuff and upgrade it from there. It would also be a quite cool screen.

6 - Enemy movements
The fact that the game takes the time to play all the animations of enemies which are not visible on the map is both logically inconsistent (you hear the voices of enemies on the other side of the screen) and sometimes incredibly time consuming. For example, if you "rush" seed missions leaving enemies on the map and just running around to collect the seeds and escape (which is actually a viable and fun tactic to play), the final three enemy turns after reinforcements take five good minutes each where you are doing nothing but listening to the same activations over and over under the fog of war.
It would be much more playable (and consistent) if the game only "played" animations for visible enemies. It would also make for a much more tense combat feeling since you would not know where the enemies not visible on the map are.
I understand on this last one different players could have different preferences, but it could always become a toggle in the game settings.

Again, compliments for the game! Hope some of my feedback can improve even further the game experience it provides, especially because some of them as so easy to implement (like knights order and saved teams, for example).

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