April Monthly Catch Up!

Francesca Falcini

Senior Community Manager
Hey PlanCo Fam!

Welcome back to another Monthly Catch Up! April really ran away with us - how are we already a week into May?! We're really excited to be able to bring you some of our favourites from the community for last month!

Community Creations

We had some amazing Community Creations this month, so without further ado, here's some of our favourites!

Above End.jpg

We're in total awe of this incredible build! Above End by operateur and Wikz took over 700 hours to build - and we think it definitely shows! This apocalyptic build is not for the faint of heart...

Witches Gathering.jpg

You'll have to wander through a mystical swamp to discover Witches Gathering by Chase! Don't worry though, this mystical build is definitely worth it!


Sink your claws into something truly terrifying with Blood Wolf by MiniBoss1989! This horror-inspired coaster is bound to leave your guests feeling terrified!

Fairy Flight.jpg

Fly away with the fairies with this picturesque gentle ride, Fairy Flight by TinyTim182! We think your guests will be floating on cloud 9 when they experience this treat!

That's everything we've got for you this time - we'll see you for our next monthly catch up, at the end of May!
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